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About Top Gifts By Season


This site was launched  in early 2016 by me ( Glenda) and the “Top Gifts Team.”  Since it was near Valentine’s Day, the first gift suggestions were for those most appropriate for your “special” someone. However, we have occasions to give gifts all year long. It is our intention to help you to find that perfect gift for your loved one, family, friend, or even for yourself. Sometimes, you know, you need to treat yourself too.

Here we are a year later and we keep finding things we wish to share with you. We have some big plans for this site as it will be growing with all kinds of gift suggestions and ways to make those special days even more special. We hope that you will enjoy browsing through our pages and maybe even make some suggestions on things you would like to see here.

I will be writing articles on information that we, as a team, feels may interest you regarding some of the products that we share. The team includes Raymond who is our head researcher and you will be seeing reference to him (Ray) as I sometimes quote what he has to say regarding his product experiences. As we do our research we find some interesting information that includes both pros and cons. I want you to know if we find that a product has a con that may affect you, I will definitely make you aware of it. That way you can make a more informed choice on your purchases.

We hope to give you a laugh or two and maybe give you some ideas on the best way to present your gift. Sometimes finding a treasured jewel-like an engagement ring hidden in your everyday things can be quite exciting. We don’t recommend, however, that you bake your ring inside a cupcake. She may chip a tooth or even throw the cupcake away if she is trying to watch her weight. You won’t get the desired result.

I will be looking at different gifts and ideas for gift giving as each season comes along. Have you really even thought about all the different occasions where a gift is appropriate? You really don’t want to wait until that important day is upon you. You really want some thought behind each gift. Sometimes the best gift is not even something you purchase but a great idea that makes your loved one’s life better. Or if you choose to purchase a gift, the way you present it can make all the difference in the world. Each season of the year has opportunities for you to be that thoughtful person who knows just how to make someone’s day much brighter. So let us get started and spread a little joy and cheer.