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benefits of using a nail gun

You may not yet be quite sure that you need or want to buy a nail gun. So then, please read on to learn why you may indeed need and should get one. There are many benefits of using a nail gun as you will soon see. You may already know that nail guns are being used around the world. Many of them are used by DIYers and professionals alike because they are such versatile and powerful tools. They are used for many projects, including framing, roofing, finishing, and so many other tasks. Hundreds of nails can be shot into all sorts of materials by these powerful tools – from wood paneling to heavy concrete!

Now, if you still have doubts, let me go over a list of a few more advantages of owning and using a nail gun.


Save time by finishing your project quicker…

It is a given that the more experience a person has, the more nails can be hammered down quickly. However, nobody can match, or even come nearly close, to the speed of a nail gun when it comes to shooting nails with accuracy.

Complete Your Project & Keep Your Fingers Intact…

Raymond, our Top Gifts team member,  tells us from his own personal experience that he would like to forget the many times he has hammered his own finger and thumb instead of the nail! Of course, we are not saying that you cannot ever injure yourself while using nail guns and you should follow proper safety rules. They are, however, considered a lot safer for not having to hold the nails with your fingers constantly.

Eliminate Carrying Nails Around Your Task…

Another benefit that nail guns have is that you can forget about carrying a bunch of nails around for your job – either in your tool belt or in a bucket. Nail guns do somewhat restrict your movement, though, because your nail gun is connected to a hose that is connected to your compressor. I personally have 3 compressor hoses (in lengths of 25, 50, and 100 feet long) for different inside and outside projects.  

Better Accuracy On The Job…

As it happens with hammering nails by hand, they don’t always go where we want them to. That is not the case with nail guns – they always shoot the nail in the desired direction with complete accuracy. You just have to make sure that you are holding the tip of the nail gun at the appropriate angle for your nails to go in. This will definitely add to the quality of your final project.

More Consistent Nailing Power…

Nail guns utilize the same exact amount of pressurized power to shoot each and every nail during the use in your project. All you have to do is make sure that the tip of your nail gun is in the appropriate position before you press on the trigger. Unlike nail guns that take only one hit to drive a nail, it may take 3-4 hits manually with a hammer to drive a nail in on the same job.

Bottom Line 

We recommend the Freeman 4-Piece Combo Nail Gun Kit which can give you many years of service in your home workshop… And remember, regardless of a user’s experience with a hammer to drive nails, nail guns will always outperform you… In speed, efficiency, accuracy, and safety… When used properly with your fingers always away from the nails and out of the gun’s line of fire.

Please be sure to check out these two very important and beneficial tool use & safety videos before using your new Nail Gun!

➤➤➤ How To Operate Your Nail Gun Video

➤➤➤ Nail Gun Safety Video (1 of 4) – CAUTION: Graphic Content!

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