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Best Home Tool Kits for Gifts

The best home tool kits for gifts are those that fit the specific needs of the one receiving the kit. We have selected several great household tool sets for you to view. A few are pretty basic which contain the most necessary tools for use around the house. Several more will meet the needs of those who have special interests or to do more projects. We think that you will like our choices. Just keep in mind that these tool sets and kits featured here are intended for basic and light common home use and not for  heavy duty projects.  


BLACK+DECKER LI2000PK Lithium-Ion Screwdriver and Project KitBLACK&DECKER small household tool kit with powered screwdriverBasic home tool kits are a must in every single home. These tool kits will make life so much easier when it comes to taking care of those common household tasks. They will also save you a lot of money because you won’t have to pay a handyman to do it for you.

Small Household Tool Kit From Black & Decker

This small household tool kit from Black & Decker is our first choice for a basic kit. We really like the easy to use and compact Lithium Powered Screwdriver (with a wall charger) for small jobs. Glenda says that when she was trying to do some small home jobs herself she frequently had to give up and ask for help. That help came from a family member who had a powered screwdriver. She soon learned that was an essential tool for her.

The kit also includes a Hammer, Slip Joint Pliers, Tape Measure, Ratcheting Screwdriver, Utility Knife, Level, and Assorted Screwdriver bits. There is also a nice sturdy Tool Bag with this home tool kit. This affordable home tool kit will make a very suitable gift for someone just starting out in their own home. Putting up new curtain rods, towel bars, hanging picture frames and fixing things around the home require at least a very basic tool kit.

Pink Tool Kit For Women   Little Pink Tool Kit (Pink)Little Pink Tool Kit For Women

We were glad to find this Pink Tool Kit For Women.  We believe that this little pink tool kit for women is ideal for the do-it-yourself ladies.

Ladies, have you ever had a family member (son or husband) borrow a tool from your kitchen drawer? I have (says Glenda) and they did not always put it back either. After a little time somehow that tool became theirs. With the little pink tool kit in your home, there is no doubt as to who that tool belongs to… you!

This little pink tool kit contains 10 small hand tools which carry a lifetime guarantee. It also comes with its own attractive pink and black purse design carry bag. The bag’s pink Ribbon zipper pulls reflect breast cancer awareness with a 10% sale donation to Breast Cancer research.

You will find that there are enough hand tools in this kit to easily handle many common tasks around your home.



Apollo Precision Tool Kit 

Apollo Precision Tools DT9408 Household Tool Kit, 53-PieceApollo Precision Tools DT9408 Household Tool Kit, 53-Piece set

This Apollo Precision Tool Kit  is needed when you want a little more than a basic kit. You also want some precision tools that will work well for servicing your small appliances. How many times have you had to go borrow some small precision tools just to tighten the screws on your glasses or to put a battery in some electronics device? This kit contains the basics as well as the small precision tools you sometimes need.




It would be difficult to find a kit that is truly a complete home tool kit. After all, there are thousands of different kinds of tools.  The kits in this section are more what you would call complete sets of basics. They have quite a few more tools than the other more basic ones and  will handle many more  common tasks around the house. 

Apollo 71-Piece Pink Household Tool Kit

Apollo Precision Tools DT0204P Household Tool Kit, 71-Piece, Donation Made to Breast Cancer ResearchApollo Precision Tools DT0204P Household Tool Kit, 71-Piece, Donation Made to Breast Cancer Research

We will start with another Pink tool set which is another gift option for ladies… Or anyone who just happens to like pink. This Pink Tool Set  includes more hand tools that give you more flexibility to handle additional common home tasks. We really like the ratcheting screwdriver handle and all those bits. This kit even contains a couple of all metal clamps and a small hack saw. The level and square will help to ensure that you are mounting your pictures properly and all your corners are square. Nothing makes a homemade project look more homemade than having your joining pieces set at odd angles.



WORKPRO 100-Piece Kitchen Drawer Tool Kit 

WORKPRO W009021A 100-Piece Kitchen Drawer Tool KitWORKPRO W009021A 100-Piece Kitchen Drawer Tool KitThis WORKPRO 100-Piece Kitchen Drawer Tool Kit  is by the legendary Workpro, maker of tools for almost every use. We have selected this WORKPRO kit as a basic general tool kit, for use in all homes. You might say that it is our best basic tool set as it contains items for home repairs and also a few mechanic tools. The tools are nicely placed in a nylon zippered pouch that can be placed in any kitchen drawer or cabinet. This makes a very nice gift indeed.



Cartman 69 Piece Tool Set

Cartman 69 Piece Tool Set - General Household Hand Tool Kit with Plastic Toolbox Storage CaseCartman 69 Piece Tool Set – General Household Hand Tool Kit with Plastic Toolbox Storage Case

The Cartman 69-piece Tool Set is a great general household hand tool kit. It is similar to the Apollo pink set above. The set contains all the tools you would need for the majority of your common house repairs. What we especially like about this kit is that it includes a hand saw and an angle ruler. All the tools are carefully housed in a durable molded black storage case. These tools are a compact size which makes them handier for minor household projects and repairs.



BLACK and DECKER 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Drill and Project Kit 

BLACK+DECKER LDX120PK 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Drill and Project KitBLACK+DECKER LDX120PK 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Drill and Project Kit

Ray’s favorite kit is this Black & Decker complete project kit

As you may notice, it has some of the simple tools that the first basic tool kit we suggested to you has. It also has many additional tools to handle those more difficult projects around the house to make it an excellent gift for any home or apartment. That includes boring holes in doors for locks, door handles, or something else.

You will see that instead of a small powered screwdriver in the Black and Decker basic tool kit, it comes with a 20-Volt Lithium-Ion Drill/Driver. (combination drill and powered screwdriver) Drill/Drivers can be very expensive but this one is a good balance of affordability and quality. It is ideal for light common household tasks. Make it a gift and make someone very happy.




Stanley Fatmax Tool Organizer bag 

Stanley 518150M FatMax 18-inch Tool BagStanley 518150M FatMax 18-inch Tool Bag
Here is an idea for those who like to put together their own home tool kit. Perhaps you already have some good tools and simply need a way to organize and keep them handy. We have selected this very practical Stanley Tool Bag for you. It can be filled with your own selected tools. This bag is durable, lightweight and very roomy with lots of pockets to organize your small tools and accessories. It has a hard plastic wet proof bottom and is so convenient to carry and organize tools that many professionals use this bag. We think that this bag would make a great gift all on its own. Or perhaps if you want to go all out, you can fill it with an assortment of tools and accessories.


Basic Tool Essentials 

You must be very clear and realistic about all the common do-it-yourself household projects you plan to do as you determine the basic tool essentials for your tool bag. If you will buy quality basic tools, you can expect to use them on heavier duty jobs and they will last much longer.

We are giving you basic tool essentials lists, plus a little description, of the must-have tools you need for your tool bag to get you started. We begin with:

Basic Household Tool List 1

Screwdrivers… You need a set of separate screwdrivers and they should be in sizes you’ll use most frequently. That means 3 sizes of slotted screwdrivers, 3 sizes of Phillips-head screwdrivers in #1, #2, and #3 sizes. You will really appreciate this screwdriver set (shown below) since all tips are magnetic. The screws will stay attached to them till you are done with them. No more frustration of dropping or losing screws!

Multibit Screwdriver… If you don’t have enough room in your tool bag, you can get this 3-position ratcheting screwdriver with 10 assorted interchangeable bits, as shown below. This compact tool gives you the unique flexibility you need to have in your tool bag.

Hammer… Most basic jobs around your house can be easily taken care of with this Stanley 16-ounce Curve Claw Nailing Hammer. You will be able to easily pull out old or bent nails and hammer in new ones. The patented design of the handle also reduces the torque impact on your wrists and elbows.

Measuring Tape… Make sure you get a 25-foot measure tape, like the one below, with a blade lock. The blade should be at least 1 inch wide to keep it from collapsing when extended beyond a few feet.

Basic Household Tool List 2

Pliers… You must have these 2 models: an 8-inch needle-nose pliers and 10-inch groove-joint pliers. The groove-joint pliers are especially practical for plumbing jobs because their jaws open so wide. You also need a pair of locking pliers that work something like a portable vise – you can put more force on turning jammed screws or pulling out bent nails. This Craftsman Plier Set below makes a great choice.

Utility Knife & Blades… An ideal pick is the Stanley model below with a retracting blade. It includes non-slip handles and tool-free blade changes. You should get a good supply of replacement blades so you can avoid using a dull blade and ruining your task.

Adjustable Wrenches… Adjustable wrenches, like this quality WORKPRO set below, are a necessary part your tool kit bag. After using these wrenches for a while, you may eventually add a set of combination wrenches or a socket set to your tool box. Always buy quality to ensure no damage is done to the fasteners you are using them on.

Level… Having a 9-12 inch torpedo level in your tool bag, like the one seen below, is extremely important. You will need them for leveling everything from pictures to your washer and dryer.

Basic Household Tool List 3

Stiff Putty Knife… This 2-inch-wide blade below will do a lot for you. It can take care of everything from applying wall patching compound to scraping away loose paint.

Straight Edge… It is sufficient to start with a 3-foot long straight edge, like the one below. You always add longer ones as you may need them for your tasks. Note that the wider the body of the straight edge, the less flex during use.

Square… If you’re setting up tools or marking lines to cut, you need and should have an accurate square. Types vary from a try square (also called a “miter square”) to a triangular square. The only thing that is important is their accuracy. Swanson squares, like the one below, are known for their accuracy.

Headlamp… Although any sturdy flashlight will do for starters in your tool bag,  you’ll soon wish you had one you don’t have to hold while you work. We think that you will like this Dewalt work headlamp (flashlight) that can be tilted and aimed where you need light and it comes with a headband for hands-free aiming.   

Basic Household Tool List 4

2-In-One Flashlight… This SLYDE 2-in-1 LED flashlight and worklight is extremely bright and practical. It is a MUST for any tool bag… and a wonderful gift to light up anyone’s day!

Mill File… Sooner or later, in one of your projects, you’ll come across some dangerously sharp metal edges that must be dulled or some dull edges that need to be sharpened, like a lawnmower blade. The 6-inch mill file below offers two flat faces. You can keep them in good shape by cleaning the mill surfaces with a brass-bristle brush.

Safety Glasses… We all know that accidents do happen. What we don’t want is such accident happening to us. We must prevent accidents that could severely damage our eyes, we have to make a habit of wearing quality safety glasses, like the Dewalt brand shown below. Don’t ever make the mistake of thinking that your regular eyeglasses with impact-resistant lenses are enough. Flying debris could damage them and reach your eyes.

Safety Goggle… For those who wear regular glasses, a great choice would be a pair of goggles large enough to slip around them, like the quality Dewalt one shown below.

Basic Household Tool List 5

Work Gloves… Just like you always protect your eyes, you should also safeguard your hands as well. Get and wear a pair of good quality work gloves, like the one below, while handling any kind of project at home. Be smart and protect yourself… The alternative is a lot worse and expensive to fix! Never cut corners when it comes to your safety!

Drill / Driver… Using a power drill / driver tool will save you a lot of time, energy, and money… You don’t have to buy a set of screwdrivers, and a corded or cordless drill separately. A power drill / driver will replace all of that. We definitely suggest that you add this excellent lightweight and compact power Black & Decker Drill / Driver (drill and screwdriver) to your tool bag. Of course, there are lots of corded and cordless drills out there to fit any budget, but this is the one for you to handle all your light common household tasks.

Drilling & Screwdriving Set… Rather than buying individual drill and screwdriver bits for your drill / driver tool, get this Black & Decker 66-piece set for a lot less money. This set is ideal for all you basic drilling and screw driving tasks around the house.

Magnetic Worklight… Who said LED lights aren’t bright? This is a great LED Magnetic Work flashlight with holster and batteries. It can be either held by hand or attached to a nearby metal surface to really light your work area since it has a magnetic clip.

Best Home Tool Kits For Gifts

When you are looking for the best home tool kits for gifts you sometimes have to balance quality with quantity. A lot depends on the person whom you are gifting. Do they have no tools and need something to get started? Maybe they have a few but not enough.

As you can see, purchasing your tools individually can run into more money than when you buy the complete tool kits. However, the quality is also usually much better. For that reason, it is usually best to start out with an inexpensive kit to get the basics and then add to your tool collection a little at a time when your needs become such that you are using the tools more frequently or for heavier duty jobs.

We hope that you have benefited from reading over our suggestions and you find the gifts that are just right for you. Please like or share our pages with others whom you think can benefit. Please use common sense for safety reasons whenever you are using hand tools. Have a great day!

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