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Easter Ideas For Toddlers

Easter Gift Ideas For Toddlers To Enjoy

We have some Easter gift ideas for toddlers that we think you would like and we want to share them with you. Easter is a special time of year for many people. For many it is a special time of religious significance. For others it simply means a special time to enjoy with friends and family. We all love to gather together with family and loved ones as often as we can to celebrate our love and devotion to each other. Traditions help us to do that.

If you are the parent of a toddler then you are probably starting to build traditions of your own. Those young ones grown up much too quickly so savor every moment that you have with them. If you are a grandparent or other relative I am sure that you are looking forward to seeing those toddlers in your family and look forward to each occasion with great joy.

Easter Basket Ideas For Toddlers

Easter Basket Toys For Toddlers - Hide and Squeak Eggseaster gift ideas for toddlers

Hide and Squeak Eggs For Fun and Developing Skills

The Hide And Squeak Eggs toy is a good one to add to your child’s Easter basket. It is a lot of fun for your toddler while it also provides a great gripping exercise by picking up these colorful eggs and placing them back in their own unique bases, since each egg has its own special base. Toddlers also learn how to sort each egg apart from each other – the colors of each egg shell matches the cheeky chicks inside.

Hide and Squeak Eggs For Fun and Developing Skillsenhance toddler learning recognition of color and shape

It is delightful to hear the chicks chirp a happy cheep-cheep whenever they are pressed down. This Hide And Squeak Eggs toy set motivates toddlers to enhance their recognition of color and shape as well as their hand and eye coordination. Toddlers also begin to build and use their little imagination through the use of the toy.

This toy might just be a blessing in disguise for busy parents since your toddler may never want to stop playing with these colorful eggs which can keep them happily entertained for a long time. Therefore, parents will finally get a chance to just watch, relax, and have a cup of hot coffee…

The Bump and Go Egg Laying Chicken Is A Perfect Toddler Easter Gift

bump and go walking egg laying chickenegg laying chicken 2

Another one of those exciting and really cute Easter gifts for kids is the Egg Laying Chicken. This will also keep them happily occupied. Watch all the activity as the mother hen’s wings blink, feet flutter while she walks, lights up and stops to lay her eggs. This delightful toy will have your toddler squealing with delight. It runs on three A A batteries. You twist the little chick off the back and drop the 3 eggs in one by one.

egg laying chicken

This easy to clean toy is a true bump and go toy and will keep turning and going whenever it bumps into a wall, a corner, or an object. It also stops to lay an egg and then takes off in a different direction. It is very important that you note that this toy is recommended for age 3 and up (as indicated on the box) as the small eggs might pose a choking hazard for a younger child unless properly supervised.

The Call and Chat Learning Phone – Another of the Great Easter Basket Toys For Toddlers

Vtech chat and learn phoneVtech call and learn phone

Some say that this Call and Chat Learning Phone is one of the best Easter gifts for kids. Let us see why that may be the case. This phone is intended for kids ages 2-5 and comes with 10 applications which include a clock, photos, games and music. The phone is programmed to interact with the kids by asking them such questions as: “What is your name?” Or “What are you doing today?” The phone can also teach pre-K kids the concepts of numbers, letters, and time.

Although this phone is only a pretend one, you can still program phone numbers under the names of Mom, Dad, Grandma, and Grandpa. Then when the child presses the programmed button, the phone will say the name and the number out loud. This is a great feature and helps children remember those important numbers that they may need in case of emergencies.

This learning phone is also voice activated and kids can speak to an animated talking and moving bird on the pretend screen. The buttons are noisy when they are pressed and the record button flashes away to keep the children engaged and interested.

For your convenience, there are 2 AAA batteries that are pre installed in the phone for easy use right out of the box. We feel comfortable suggesting this Easter gift to you.

Toy Pianos For Toddlers –  More Easter gift ideas for toddlers

25 key piano pal red dog25 key piano pal pink horse

Although we are still thinking along the lines of Easter ideas for toddlers, a piano such as this 25 Key Piano Pal With Bench could have a lasting benefit. Many parents choose to give their children music lessons once they are deemed old enough to start. Traditional music lessons can be great but if they are given before the child has expressed much interest in them, it can also be a mistake.

For your child to develop a love for music enough to want to learn… they may just need some time playing at will on a piano such as this. Although this little toy piano with bench is limited in what it can do… it only has 25 keys… It is good enough for a child to be able to pick out tunes with one finger and actually learn a little bit as well. Once your child has shown a love for music and not just wanting to bang around on it, you can then actually teach them a little from the lessons that are included with the piano.

The piano includes a patented Learning System with a removable, color-coordinated strip that fits behind the keys to guide small fingers. The keys themselves are the same size as adult keys so that your child can learn how to reach properly. This will make a much easier transition from a toy piano to a real one when your child is ready.

This toy piano also grows with your child. For a toddler at age 1 or 2, the basic piano is just right. close up of pink horse pianoThe main unit only has the animal head. As your child grows you can add the sides which contain the animals body and it adds height. You can see in the photo where it is joined together. The piano can then be used with the included child sized bench. We suggest this would be an excellent gift for a toddler whether as an Easter gift, a birthday gift or simply because you love them.

This is made by Schoenhut toy pianos who are known for their excellent quality and workmanship. They are quite sturdy and hold up well for quite a long time. This piano is available in Pink with a Horse on the side, in purple with a Teddy Bear, and of course in Red with a dog decoration as shown.

Even though this is recommended for a child of 3 years plus, many parents are starting their child off much younger to encourage a love for music. You must remember however, that this is a toy and will sound like a toy piano.

alligator electronic pianoAlso, if you would like to have a different color and animal theme for your child’s piano, the same piano maker has more to offer. Take a look at this Alligator Electronic Piano which may attract your attention and just be the one you are looking for. This piano is an electronic one and also has 25 keys. It comes with 2 AA batteries that are included with the piano.

If you want something that will sound more like a real piano, the least expensive waymy piano starter pack to do that is to get a keyboard. You might want your child to be a bit older before you do that though as a keyboard can be damaged easier from rough handling. When your child is older, or for your older child now, you may want to consider a starter piano pack like this one which is a fun easy keyboard teaching system for kids where they can actually learn as they play.

Here are some other really cute choices that are ideal for toddlers.

Easter Gift Ideas For Toddlers

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