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Fire Magic Echelon Diamond E1060s Grill

Fire Magic Echelon Diamond Grill – Because You’re Worth It!

The Fire Magic Echelon Diamond grill is not for everyone but rather for those who have the good fortune to be able to choose from the very best and when only the best will do..

Can you say ultra-luxury grill? This line of luxury Fire Magic grills comes in both portable and built-in models. There are also numerous smaller and moderate sized grills as well as the large one we are featuring.. Every single one of them is luxurious in features, style and elegance.

Review of the Echelon Diamond E1060s

In this review, we are featuring Fire Magic’s largest model which would be excellent for individuals and business executives who regularly entertain a large number of people and clients. Grill Masters… you especially want to take notice for we certainly do have the grill of your dreams!

This  Fire Magic Echelon Diamond E1060S is the largest and the most elaborate grill, with all the extra features, that Fire Magic manufactures… And, they are all made in the United States of America!

Features of the Echelon Diamond E1060S And How they may benefit you

Solid 304 stainless steel is used in the construction of this very grill… making it highly durable and keeps it looking great year after year even in harsh environments. All the seams on this grill are welded and the highest attention to even the smallest details have been paid to the sleek construction of this grill… for strength, durability, and stylish elegance.

It has a massive 1,056 square inches of main grilling spaceFire magic grills feature more cooking space than any other grill of the same size. It also has 115,000 Main Burner BTUs per square inchfor quicker heating and keeping the grill hot.  

This Diamond E1060S grill has Seven Cast Stainless Steel Burners under its hood… use all or just 2 or 3 for indirect cooking… the highly durable burners are almost maintenance free with a lifetime warranty on them.

There is a Double Side Burnerfor preparing your side dishes at the same time… An Infrared Burnerfor fast searing of meat at a high temperature to seal in the juices… A Recessed Quantum Back Burner to heat a large size Dual Zone Rotisserie System cooking… for giving you the best and most tender food with an easy access while you are busy cooking on the grill. In addition, this grill also provides…

    • A Separate Wood Chip Smoker drawer with its own 3,000 BTU burnerfor easily and efficiently smoking your favorite meat or fish.
    • Heat Zone Separatorsfor isolating the cooking areas for the food you are preparing to be cooked at the various temperatures.
    • 16-Gauge Solid Stainless Steel Flavor Gridsfor durability and an even distribution of heat.
    • Removable Oven Warming Rackfor warming food or doing some light cooking.
    • Blue Back-Lit Safety Knobsfor providing better visibility for using the control knobs.
    • Hot Surface Ignition – by easily pushing in the control knobsfor turning up the gas and lighting the grill.
    • Digital or Analog Thermometerfor monitoring and controlling the temperature of the grill.
    • Magic View Window on the hoodfor watching and checking the food without having to raise the hood.

When we entertain, we want something that will enable us to create delicious meals with precision and ease. We want to be able to spend time with family, friends, and business associates without having the food under-cooked or charred.

We love the way that the Fire Magic Echelon Diamond is designed with separate cooking zones. The digital thermometer helps you to keep track of all of them at the same time. Some foods need to be cooked at a lower temperature while others need high temps to be able to sear quickly to seal in their juices. The blue backlit control knobs make it easy to adjust the flames for just the right cooking temperature. When your food appears to be ready you can use the built-in temperature probe to be sure that it is just right. The timer which is made into the digital thermometer can be very helpful too.

The magic view window with the halogen lights makes it simple and easy to view the status of your food while it is grilling without having to raise the hood. When you do need to raise the hood, there is a power assist to make that move simple and easy too.

This Fire Magic grill is made to last for decades… which means you will probably never again need another grill for your year-round outdoor fun and entertainment… that is unless you have it built in and then move away. We are sure that you would want another one in your new home.

Fire Magic has this same grill for use with Natural Gasyou can check and read about it here

About Fire Magic… The Company

Fire Magic grills have been manufactured in California since 1937. In 1982 RH Peterson, pioneers in the fabrication of realistic, artificial gas logs, acquired Fire Magic to complement their outdoor lifestyle line. They produce not only free standing gas, coal and electric grills on carts and pedestals, but anything else you need for an outdoor kitchen including smokers, a wide range of attachments and accessories, several different side burners, refrigerators, keg coolers and tappers, rotisserie baskets, ventilation hoods, griddles, pots and pans, tongs and spatulas, and even the kitchen sink.

This is by no measure your ordinary and basic grill but we trust that you will soon realize that it is a great investment… to help you provide quality fun and entertaining time with family, friends, and business associates.

Although this fabulous Fire Magic Echelon Diamond grill is ideal for those discriminating users who grill several times a week the whole year-round, as cheaper models just will not hold up to that kind of constant use,  even a once-a-month user would be proud to own it. Personally, we would love to have this grill in our backyards because we just love the way it looks and with all the features it has it would be like having a whole gourmet kitchen outside… Wouldn’t you like to have this baby in your backyard as well?

The Fire Magic Echelon Diamond grill is not just for personal and family purposes… but  also for those business people whose job and status may require lots of elaborate business entertainment as well.

Many businesses and companies throw expensive barbecues for their employees and business clients. We cannot think of anything that would impress their clients more than to have such a high-end grill in use for their business entertaining. The grill that we have featured is a top of the line grill. When you are treating a business client, you want to treat them with the very best… which is where the Fire Magic Echelon Diamond Grill comes in!

Fire Magic Echelon Diamond E1060s Grill

Natural or Propane Gas – Which One To Use?

Most of us may be wondering about the pros and the cons of natural gas and propane gas. Let us take a quick look at these two forms of gasses.

As described by, “Propane belongs to a class of materials known as liquefied petroleum gasses (LPGs), which are known for their ability to be converted to liquid under relatively low pressure. As a liquid, propane is 27 times more compact than it is as a gas, which allows it to be easily transported and stored as a liquid until ready for use.”

Propane gas is very flexible and usually a propane line can enter the home at any point. The only requirement is that the propane tank to be located nearby. With portable propane canisters, especially for use with cooking, you have pretty much 100% flexibility. They are also readily available in most places.

A very important point to consider with natural gas is the delivery structure. If there are no natural gas lines already in place in your neighborhood, it can be costly, if possible at all, to run a gas pipe to your desired location.

Whereas natural gas cannot be easily stored in any tank, so you are limited by where the natural gas lines run in the neighborhood. Even if there is a natural gas line in the neighborhood, there will be limits on where the line can enter your home, based on where the main line runs.

Therefore, the flexibility of propane gas makes it a more attractive option than natural gas for many people. Also, there are no noticeable differences in cooking with either natural gas or propane gas and propane gas seems to be the favorite when it comes to cooking ob outdoor grills. We would suggest that you always keep an extra canister of propane gas handy when grilling so that your outdoor fun won’t be ruined… because you ran out of gas!

Of course, for your convenience, Fire Magic provides you with both propane and natural gas options in their grill models.

Why We Wrote This Article?

It all started when we heard about someone who had just bought a $7,000 outdoor grill. At first, it was hard for us to imagine someone spending that kind of money on a grill. The immediate question was ‘Why?’ The second question we had was “Is the grill gold-plated?”

Then, after we did some thorough research, we soon realized that there were so many certain benefits that came with such a high cost for a grill. For many people, a grill is not… just a grill but is a long-held desire that they can finally purchase the grill of their dreams.

These same people, who buy such expensive grills, could easily entertain their guests – family and friends or business associates – at a nice and chic restaurant. But, that would not be as personal and intimate in terms of being a real host in a warm home environment. Would it?

Surprisingly, we have both fallen in love with this Fire Magic Echelon Diamond grill and will definitely have a pair ordered someday to go with our dream houses… We are working on it…

Now, the Fire Magic makes excellent grills in different sizes  and models for different needs. In addition to the stand-alone models such as the one featured above, they also have built-in models for those who are either building or remodeling their homes with a high-end outdoor kitchen.

Fire Magic Echelon Diamond Grill – Because You Are Worth It

At the beginning, we told you that these grills are not for everyone… They are obviously expensive enough to make you wonder if they are worth it. But they are truly beautiful, practical, efficient, and have such high performance that you will not find anything else to come close to them. We believe that for those who have the means and definitely want the very best, these are the grills to choose. They are quality pieces of equipment meant to last.

Different people have different lifestyles with different incomes. So if you are a person of means, why not indulge yourself? You have worked hard to be able to accomplish many things in your life. Are you a Master Griller or have the deep desire to be one? Then, these Fire Magic Echelon Diamond grills were made just for you… because you are worth it.

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