Gifts Men Want Most

Gifts Men Want Most

The gifts men want most are not often the gifts that they get. There is a reason for that. It seems that women are often the ones shopping for men but sometimes the woman just has no clue as to what gifts men really want. They think that … well, if they were a man… then she thinks of something that she thinks he needs. That would be practical, right? You get the idea. Practical for a man is not always practical for a woman… and vice versa.

We have always found it really interesting how men and women are so different when it comes to their interests. For example, if they were to wander around in any shop or retail store of their choice, you would normally find women in a clothing or shoe store. Whereas, a man would end up in a hardware or electronic gadget store. We both, as a male and female, can attest to this fact.

The men in our Top Gift’s team say that they can easily spend hours in a hardware store or an electronic gadget store. As a woman, I agree with that and that we women can spend the whole day browsing around in clothing or shoe stores…. Or… home decor.”

In fact, women often get together for shopping parties just to look around in the stores of their interests… and the end result being that we, both women and men, buy a lot of stuff that we really don’t need but we really wanted!

So, ladies, you may think that your guy needs a new shirt and a pair of slacks, (you were in a clothing store, right?) Those are very nice gifts, but what would he really prefer to have? You might want to do some digging to find out first what  he would really like before you buy .

Men Like Practical Gifts

Whether it is for Father’s Day, a birthday or some other occasion, men like to receive gifts that really serve a practical purpose for them and they can use it for a long time. Well actually,  women do too. However, a lot depends on who is giving the gift and what the occasion is. For instance, she may be dying for one of those new Shark powered lift away vacuums. That is a great practical gift. But if her sweetie is the one giving the gift she may be very hurt if she gets that instead of a bunch of roses and something personal like a heart shaped necklace pendant on Valentine’s day. Now on Mother’s Day or a birthday, it might be seen as something to help her make her everyday life easier. Then you might even want to get her a robotic vacuum. There is always a time and a place for everything. Now men… they just like to be practical… Right?

Practical Gifts for Dad

One of the things that most, if not all men, like to do is “be in charge” of finishing a chore or project they start. Our friend Ray says, “I definitely like to do that and have the gratification that I have finished something all by myself.” One thing that comes to mind is when a man is behind the wheel of his or the family car. Most men, unlike women, feel too proud to ask for directions when lost. Have you noticed that? Well, thank God for Garmin car GPS systems! These GPS units are really God sent and have saved the pride of many men… “Including mine,” says Ray. These little electronic gadgets can give you turn by turn directions and guide you through unfamiliar destinations – day and night!

By the way, if you have ever listened to the voice on these GPS units, have you noticed that it is a very soft but authoritative female voice? Goes to show you that at times even macho-like men have to quietly listen to women!

Another situation that all drivers fear the most is getting in their cars and upon trying to start their car, they sadly realize that they have a dead battery. Perhaps they left a light on overnight or they had a weak battery. It is truly a frustrating experience, especially if you are running late for work or have an important appointment. Likewise, it is just as bad and aggravating if you suddenly find out that you have a flat tire and, on top of that, your spare is not in good shape either… and you are miles from the nearest service station.

Normally, under such an unfortunate circumstance, we would call our road service provider to come to our aid. Well, it sounds and works great in theory! But have you ever called one of those emergency road services and had to wait for the longest time for them to come to your help? Ray says: “ I once had a dead battery and had to wait for 6 long hours before a tow truck, from a very reputable road service company, came to my assistance… It was in the dead of a cold winter in some distant location far from my home!”

Portable Car Jump Starter with compressor

Well, how about safeguarding yourself and your family by taking steps to keep such ordeals under control? How? The answer is very simple! Get yourself a portable car jump starter with compressor, to inflate your tires. This kind of device is handy to have for more than one kind of problem. With this unit on board, you can feel safe against flat tires, dead batteries, and more.

Unfortunately, I gave these portable jump start units to my sons for Christmas gifts one year but failed to get one for myself. As a result, I have had to call on them to come rescue me. I think that it is time to get one for myself as well. Instead of having to wait on them or a roadside service to come help me I could have fixed the problem myself and been on my way. Yes, in case you are wondering, they are simple enough that a non-mechanical person like me can use them. You can read more about them here.Stanley J5C09 Peak Amp Jump Starter with built in compressor

These are two examples of practical gifts for men and you may find that your Dad, husband, brother or male friend would appreciate something just like these. Or, your guy could be a tool guy and simply loves to have good tools like the ones that we talk about here. Do a little digging around and see if there is a tool that he has been wanting but maybe did not want to get for himself just yet. Women dream of beautiful things. Men dream of workshops and tools, and things that have to do with their hobbies.

Men have a way of knowing just what kind of tool will work to do the best job on a project. Glenda says “I remember feeling so frustrated after spending a good amount of time trying to do a simple (I thought) project only to find that things were not going right. Enter in my husband, son or even grandson and what happens? They take one look and go to get a different tool… usually, one that had power to it and the job was completed quickly and efficiently… but not by me.  Live and learn, I always say.”

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