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Heart Shaped Necklace Pendants

Heart shaped necklace pendants are gifts that are especially appropriate for Valentine’s Day, weddings, anniversaries, Mother’s Day and birthdays to show a  symbol of your special love. The choices we have featured here for you all have excellent reviews and are beautiful pieces that we are proud to show you. We believe that your loved one will be happy with them too. The traditional gifts of flowers, chocolates in a fancy valentine box and a cute cuddly bear are often given and much appreciated. Sometimes, though, you want something a little more personal… something that she can wear and  be able to keep much longer than the flowers and candy. This will be something that will cause her to think of you every time she sees it or feels it against her skin.


18k  Gold Plated Swarovski Crystals Heart Necklace

heart of the ocean gift necklace with crystals

This beautiful necklace is available in two different colors: either the Bermuda Blue with white gold plating or Red Magma with rose gold plating. (unless they sell out before you get there) One of the reasons that we are featuring these QIANSE® before any others is because they are nickel free and anti-allergic. 

Pink crystal pendant necklace

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The heart shapes are genuine Swarovski elements crystals which are made with the highest quality materials. Many people do not know just what Austrian crystals or the Swarovski elements crystals are or why they are treasured above other crystals. These crystals are beautiful man made gems that are created from quartz, sand and minerals. The exact formula is kept a secret by the Swarovski family. Here is a page that explains more about Swarovski elements crystals  and why they are so treasured. You might find it interesting reading.

The next piece we would like to show you is from a different seller and is a beautiful design.  Although not heart shaped it is a beautiful piece that would be treasured by adult women or teenagers either one. This is a very sparkly piece of jewelry and has fine detail in the design.

Swarovski Crystal Heart Necklaces come in many different styles and colors. It seems that I am stuck on either pink, blue or red but here is one more that I want to show you then you can look at the page with all the rest.

Titanic Heart of the ocean Style Heart Shaped Pendant

Titanic heart of the ocean style pendant necklace What would be better than a heart shaped necklace pendant than a beautiful blue pendant necklace  made famous by a movie?  If you ever saw the movie Titanic then perhaps you noticed the beautiful blue pendant that Rose wore. There have been many necklaces created that try to re-create that beauty and mystique. This Pendant is one that signifies  the greatest of love .

In a segment that is stranger than fiction it appears that there was a necklace similar to this actually on the Titanic and worn by a young woman named Kate. Her story did not end with the Titanic and was reported in the Washington Post a while back.


Heart of the Ocean style crystal pendantHere is one more Heart of the Ocean style crystal pendant from Qianse we believe you would want to see. While this style is slightly different from the titanic necklace it quite possibly is even more beautiful. This is an elegant necklace that a lady will want to wear for special occasions when she is dressed to impress.

This is a large pendant that is 1.77 inches high and 1.37 inches wide. The chain Length is 16.54 inches +1.97 inches extender. It is heavy but not uncomfortably so. All QIANSE® jewelry items are nickel free and anti-allergic. Also they are all packed with a deluxe jewelry gift box.

Sterling Silver Heart Lockets

There are many heart-shaped pendant necklaces besides those made from crystal. One very popular style is the locket. You can find the locket in many styles. The beauty of the locket is that you can carry a picture of your loved one inside it close to your own heart. Here we have chosen two beautiful ones for you to consider. Moms especially love these lockets to carry pictures of their children and/or spouse. Who is special in your life that you would want to carry their picture close to your heart?

Engraved Flowers Heart Locket

The Sterling Silver Engraved Flowers Heart Locket is another beautiful piece of jewelry you can be proud to own or give. This Locket opens up and has a space for two photos.  It is an inch high and 3/4 of an inch wide. This is just right to give an elegant look yet not be too small for a adult. Many times a young woman will wear a locket with the photo of a loved one to keep it close to her heart. That can be her sweetheart, her parents or some other loved one such as a beloved aunt or grandparent. This is an especially good gift to give if you think that you may have to be apart for a while such as while on a tour of duty overseas. Remember that lockets are usually treasured and handed down from one generation to another. This particular locket is Sterling Silver and is very well made.

You Are My sunshine Heart Locket

The last piece we want to show you today is a smaller daintier locket called the you are my sunshine” sterling silver locket. This is something that you might want to give to a young girl or a teen, or a lady that prefers something small and delicate looking. It is beautiful  but is quite small. The chain that comes with it is 18 inches so that is more for an adult. It has been described as being dime sized. The inscription on it is “You are my sunshine.”

Some people have reported having some difficulty inserting a photo in the smaller locket. To do so, you may want to have a pin or a pair of tweezers to pull the locket apart and insert your photo. That will make it much easier.

There are many more pendants and necklaces that include a heart shape and you can find them through this link. The ones we have featured are just a few of the creations that we have found. We have featured them because of their beauty and the high quality that they are reported to have. We would like to end this post with a beautiful quote from Qianse, one of the designers of the pendant necklaces above.

QIANSE Designing Philosophy:

  1. Every woman is an innocent child. They are eager for the distant places and they maintain an innocent heart to feel the brilliant and beautiful world. Be brave to pursue the beautiful fairy tale in your heart because it is the privilege of being a woman!

2. The jewelry itself has no value, but the jewels which can make women shining are priceless!

3. Wearing ordinary jewelry, people remember that jewelry. Wearing elegant jewelry, people remember the woman who wears that jewelry.”

(slightly edited and emphasized by us)

We hope that your Special Day will be the best ever.

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