Outdoor Grilling Recipes

Mouthwatering Outdoor Grilling Recipes

Summer is here and that means some good mouthwatering outdoor grilling recipes are in order. Instead of just cooking the same old, tired foods that have lost their taste, bring back the joy of cooking at home again.

Do you have a good outdoor grill? We recently did reviews on the best stainless steel gas grills in several different price ranges. You can find them up at the top in product reviews. We first reviewed the Char-Broil gas grill which is a very good basic grill. We then went on to review the Weber Summit gas grill, The Fire Magic Diamond gas grill and last the Napoleon.  They all have nice features either built in or can be purchased and added separately. We learned a lot ourselves while reviewing these marvelous grills. A lot depends on how you use your grill, how you take care of it and how long you need it to last.

We thought perhaps you would enjoy finding some new recipes that would have you doing some mouthwatering cooking with your grill. There are literally thousands of grilling recipes online, from simple to innovative, and, although you may not have time to try all of them, we would like to suggest some of these recipes for your outdoor cooking pleasure. We have tried some of these recipes and they are absolutely out of this world!

Depending on your preference, there are many wonderful recipes for… Chicken, Steaks, Lamb, Vegetables, Hamburgers, Pizzas, Seafood, Kebabs, and more. We have made it really easy for you by reviewing these recipes from some of these reputable online sources and have selected some exceptional recipes for you to check out.

We are going to give you the name of the online source, the link to the site’s recipe, as well as providing you with “Our Take” on each named recipe. You can, at your leisure, check them out and find your own favorites by looking at the ingredients and the directions of each recipe to try out and see if you agree with our suggestions. Remember that you can navigate through all these sites for many other delicious recipes, since we could not mention all our own favorites here for you.

We are pretty certain that you will like what you see here… Wow! They all look so good, appetizing, and delicious! Don’t they? Enjoy…

Citrus Marinated Chicken

From McCormick® Grill Recipes…


Our Take…

  • This is a terrific tasting chicken with a wonderful combination of the different flavors, especially the citrus peel. The chicken is moist and tender and wants to melt in your mouth. It is also very easy to prepare and cook on the grill. It is one recipe that makes your ordinary grilled chicken so unique and a pleasure you and your family can experience over and over again. Definitely, try it!

Grilled Brown Sugar Bourbon Chicken

From McCormick® Grill Recipes…


Our Take…

  • Wow! The delicious mixture of brown sugar and bourbon, plus the distinctive spices, make this chicken recipe an absolute must in our book. We love it… You will too!

Sweet Onion–Marinated Skirt Steak

From Bon Appetit Magazine…


Our Take…

  • The intense flavor of this skirt steak comes alive in this tasty recipe. The marinate really adds so much to the flavor.  We have another winner in this recipe… Yours to try out and enjoy.

Dry-Rubbed Flank Steak with Grilled Corn Salsa

From Bon Appetit Magazine…


Our Take…

  • If you like spicy, you will fall in love with this recipe full of seasoning and flavor. Be careful with the chili powder and cayenne if you have a sensitive tongue. Will be a smash hit for your special outdoor grilling fun. Go for it!

Pepper-Honey Cedar Plank Salmon

From Allrecipes Magazine…


Our Take…

  • Excellent sweet spicy taste and certainly a favorite salmon recipe. It is great with white, brown, or wild rice. It is amazing  how the cedar plank gives so much flavor to the salmon. Did you know that you can also add giant prawns to this recipe if you are a prawn-lover? Your outdoor party will be a big smash and your family and guests will praise you for serving it to them…

Grilled Tequila-Lime Shrimp

From Allrecipes Magazine…


Our Take…

  • This is one recipe that when the cooking is done there will not be any leftovers! So if you are doing the cooking, you had better eat some as you are cooking the shrimp… It is so good! Your taste buds can really taste the exquisite spices and the tequila in the succulent marinated shrimp. We are avid fans of this recipe and highly recommend it… Real yummmy!!!!!

Grilled Baby Eggplant & Plum with Fresh Basil

From fine Cooking Magazine…


Our Take…

  • This is a great favorite for all veggie lovers. It is quite simple and easy to prepare and the taste is just wonderful. There is a unique blend of all flavors, mixed with a dash of smoky flavor, which makes this a superb recipe. You have to taste it to know what we are talking about. A definite yes!

Grilled Lamb and Figs on Rosemary Skewers

From Fine Cooking Magazine…


Our Take…

  • A marvelous recipe and it is Italian, too! The lamb is just mouthwatering and the grilled fresh figs make it taste even better. The secret to this recipe is having fresh figs – It doesn’t do the recipe justice to use dried figs that are soaked in water or wine. So we suggest that you wait till you can find some fresh figs before making this recipe… that is if you can withstand the wait! All good things come to those who wait…

Indulge Yourself!

Outdoor Grilling Recipes

Okay, now that you have a sample of some great outdoor grilling recipes, are you absolutely anxious to try one of them? We bet you are! Well, there is no time like right now… Go ahead and indulge yourself and impress your family at the same time with one of these scrumptious recipes on your outdoor gas grill… You will feel like a true Master Grill Chef!

Some of the best birthday parties are outdoors where something is cooking on the grill. A good grill makes a great gift for someone else but don’t forget to treat yourself too. Remember to check out our reviews on those best stainless steel gas grills in different price ranges. Here is our favorite grill because of the features, warranty, and durability. Whatever you may choose, have fun trying out some of these recipes.

I sure did feel like a Master Grill Chef after I tried the Grilled Lamb and Figs on Rosemary Skewers for the first time. It tasted so good that I have since made it many more times… And, each time I get better at preparing it… Have a great time with your grilling adventure…



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