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Napoleon Prestige Pro 665 Gas Grill

Napoleon Gas Grill Reviews – For Those Who Want More

The Napoleon Gas Grill Reviews will focus on the Newly Redesigned Napoleon Stainless Steel Prestige PRO 665 Propane Grill. The name Napoleon has long been associated with elegance, quality, reliability, durability and customer satisfaction.

No wonder that there are so many satisfied customers who are giving raving reviews about this superb grill. The Napoleon Prestige Pro 665 is not your basic outdoor propane grill, like the practical Char-Broil Classic GrillRather, it has features that loudly shout luxury and durability instead.

Why Should You Consider Purchasing A Napoleon Gas Grill?

Napoleon gas grills are solidly constructed with the finest materials and workmanship. They have one of the best warranties you can find. These grills are expected to last for many years. They are highly rated on Consumer Reports. Napoleon grills are not the ones you use and throw away after two or three seasons. The details in their features are well thought out to make grilling fun and easy with excellent results.

The Napoleon Prestige Pro 665 has many qualities. Such as the 304 stainless steel, Commercial Quality Rotisserie, Sear Burner, Smoker Burner, Onboard Ice Bucket, Cutting Board. We also like its beautiful styling and overall convenience of use.

We will give you more detail on features and benefits of this grill further below.

The Napoleon Prestige Pro 665 Propane Gas Grill

[yellowbox]The Napoleon Prestige Pro 665 is among the top of the line in Napoleon grills.[/yellowbox]

It is also Napoleon’s second most expensive grill. We picked this grill because it is most appropriate for family fun or entertaining of your guests. You will find that the less expensive Napoleon models are also made with superb quality details in mind. But these are smaller grills and may not have all the same features. You should choose according to your needs.

The Napoleon Prestige Pro 665 is not cheap and yet it is not the most expensive on the market. You may actually want the ultimate prestige of owning the finest grill on the market. Then the ultra-luxury Fire Magic Echelon Diamond is definitely for you.

We think that there is only one grill that comes closest to this Napoleon Prestige Pro 655. It is Weber’s top of the line Weber Summit S-670 grill.

Comparing Napoleon With Weber

We have done unbiased reviews on both the Weber Summit S-670 and the Napoleon Prestige Pro 665 propane gas grills. Therefore, it is our opinion that the Napoleon Prestige Pro 665 is indeed a superior grill.

The Napoleon Prestige Pro 665 is a little more expensive than the mentioned Weber grill. However, it has a much more solid construction by using more 304 stainless steel.  304 stainless steel gives it added strength, durability, and reliability. In addition, Napoleon has a superior warranty for its customers’ ease of mind.

Our review will give you a lot of facts and information for your benefit. Hence, you can make a well-informed decision on buying a grill. You can now easily decide if the Napoleon Prestige Pro 665 is what you need and want in a grill. You can also determine if this grill is worth spending your money on.

Napoleon’s Legendary Construction

The Use of 304 Stainless Steel

The New Napoleon PRO 665 Prestige Propane Grill is one of the few on the market that is Built Solidly. It is because of the use of the tough 304 Stainless Steel. The 304 stainless steel’s superior ability withstands the salt air like in beach communities. It also is the stainless steel of choice for anything used around food. It can better stand up to the corrosive action of various acids found in fruits, meats, milk, and vegetables.

Important to note … some grill makers have chosen not to use the 304 stainless steel construction in their grills. They want to reduce cost and make their grills more cost competitive in the marketplace. For example, Weber decided to reduce the use of the 304 stainless steel in their grills.  Weber now makes their grills using a lower grade of stainless steel.

We came across this great video and thought perhaps you would like to see how the Napoleon grills are made. We found it quite interesting ourselves.

The grill featured in the video is the Napoleon Prestige Pro500 which is smaller and has fewer features. You can find it here on Amazon. [

The Hood

The New Napoleon PRO 665 Prestige Propane Grill has a Double Lined 304 Stainless Steel Lid. This helps with better temp control and to resist discoloration, rusting and warping. The Lid Has Chrome Handles and Sides for ease of use and an elegant appearance.

Also, a Lifetime Warranty is on the Lid, Hood, base, and cooking grids.

***Detailed manufacturer warranty information for the Napoleon Prestige Pro 655 is listed below.***

Additionally, the Napoleon PRO 665 Prestige Propane Grill has a Thermometer in place In the Center of the Lid… So you can easily see the exact temperature inside the grill while you are cooking.

The Control Panel

The Prestige Pro 665 has a Redesigned Control Panel with an attractive and professional appearance… The control knobs operate on a newly designed system. All the control knobs are backlit in bright blue and illuminate for optimum visibility and ease of operation.

The JETFIRE™ ignition system is now tucked away… This helps to protect the igniters from damage from any grease that may be coming from the grill’s sear plates.

There are 5 Main Burners Controlled with Large Knobs in front of the grill… To prevent any confusion with the smaller front control knobs.

An Infrared Side Burner Controlled with a Smaller Knob… To easily distinguish the function of the large and small knobs on the control panel.

 Back Rotisserie Burner Controlled with a Small Knob… For preventing confusion with the function of the big knobs.

 Smoker Tray Knob… Designed to look like a small control knob. It can be conveniently pulled out to access the tray to be filled with soaked wood chips.

 Pre-Built Smoker Tray Igniter with a small knob… To easily light up the grill’s  burner for the smoker tray.

Napoleon Gas Grills Review

The Cart Cabinet

The grill’s Cabinet Drawers are also 304 Stainless Steel… For added strength and durability, and there is a light to provide good visibility of all the storage area.

There are 3 Tool Hooks and a Bottle Opener with Cap Bucket inside the cabinet… For additional storage and collection of your bottled drink caps.

Added are 2 new Large Wheels on the outside of the pedestal base… This makes for easy access and securing the locks on these wheels. Two smaller non-locking wheels are under the pedestal.

You will find a Power Bar built-in to the grill base… To power the lights and with additional outlets for the rotisserie or any other need you may have.

There is a Pull-Out Propane Tank Drawer… For simple and better ease of access during the switching of the empty tank with a full one.

The Left Shelf

The left side tray (shelf) has a lift-up stainless steel lid that covers a Ceramic Infrared Burner. This is standard on this particular grill model. You can start your steak on this grill to sear it and then move it over to the regular grill.

When grilling your mouthwatering steak or roast, the ceramic infrared side burner can help with other chores. You can make your side dishes, sauces, heat water and even sauté on this ceramic brick. It will take the ceramic brick only about 30 seconds to actually heat to 1,800°F. Wow! That is fast and hot!

There is an adjustable height stainless steel grid over the burner. The higher setting is best for cooking red meat to give it a good sear without getting the meat overly hot.

The Right Shelf

The tray on the right side of the grill also has a lift-up stainless steel lid. The lid covers a removable cutting board and a lift-up plastic ice bucket. This area can be very handy for preparing your food for grilling. The area is useful in other ways besides just keeping your drinks cold and handy while you grill.

Features & Benefits Inside the Grill

  • The New Napoleon PRO 665 Prestige Propane Grill comes with 2 halogen lights in the lid… To brighten the grill’s cooking area. In addition, it also has blue backlit control knobs… These provide excellent visibility at night.  The on/off switch is noticeably placed on the far right of the control panel.
  • There are also a Rotisserie Back Burner,  4 Rotisserie Forks and a Counterbalance Weight on the Rotisserie Rod… The counterbalance weight is to be used when you are cooking something that is heavier on one side. This will ensure the even rotation of the rod and cooking of your food.
  • The Rotisserie Kit on this New Napoleon PRO 665 Gas grill is of commercial qualityThis means the 18,000 BTUs of heat provided by the rear infrared rotisserie burner allows you cook tasty meals…  Just like the professionals in the top restaurants cook.
  • You also have three 9.5 millimeter Stainless Steel Wave Rod Cooking Grates (on which the food is cooked)… They are heavy duty and thick in diameter for strength and durability. They can also be removed to be easily cleaned.
  • A full-width Drip Pan which comes with 5 large disposable drip trays… To collect any grease dripping from the burners and make for effortless and easy cleaning.
  • Plus a Newly Reinforced, full-length Warming Rack… For keeping your cooked food from overcooking till it is time to serve.
  • There are Stainless Steel Grease Diverters on the Main Burners… To keep away the grease from the main burners. This will reduce flare-ups and burning grease. It also helps to provide temperature control and even cooking.

Heat Power & Cooking Space

You have 8 Burners on this grill with a Total Output of 99,000 BTUs:

5 Tube Burners… @ 60,000 BTUs.

1 Smoker Tray Burner… @ 9,000 BTUs.

1 Rotisserie Burner… @ 18,000 BTUs.

1 Side Burner… @ 12,000 BTUs.

Total Cooking Area of 1150 Square Inches… This allows you to grill as many as 42 large and tender 4-inch hamburger patties at the same time.

Natural Or Propane Gas?

This New Napoleon Prestige PRO 665 grill is available in both Natural Gas and Propane Gas. You also have 2 additional options in choosing this Napoleon grill. You can get it on a luxury wheeled cabinet, as featured in this article. Or, as a Built-In Grill , when you already have your own built stationary cabinet to place it in. The natural gas built-in can be found here and the propane built-in model can be found here.

Dimensions of the Pro 665 In the Wheeled Cabinet

     Overall Height: 51 inches (with lid open: 56 inches)
     Overall Width: 76 ¾ inches
     Overall Depth: 25 ½ inches
     Grill Height: 36 ½ inches

Watch this video featuring the Pro 665 in the wheeled cabinet…

Our Motivation Behind This Review

While researching the Weber Summit S-670 grill, we came across a Consumer Reports review on the Napoleon Prestige Pro 665. This review was quite positive and the organization had given it a very high rating. We felt it was necessary for us to do a review on this grill as well.

Yes, the Weber Summit S-670 and the Napoleon Prestige Pro 665 gas grills have similar features and appearance. They also have features that are only found on their respective brands. We think that they both are very popular and functional grills. However, they do differ a lot in their construction. The Napoleon has a more solid construction and a considerably longer parts warranty which beats Weber in those areas. For that reason, the Napoleon is a slightly higher price. But then better quality does cost more. We think that it is definitely worth the extra amount!

Warranty Information

The New Napoleon Stainless Steel PRO665RSIBPSS Prestige Propane Grill has the following warranty:

Lifetime Warranty on Hood, stainless steel lid, porcelain enamel lid, aluminum castings, stainless steel base and stainless steel cooking grids.

The stainless steel Tube Burners have a 10-year warranty. Plus the option to purchase an additional 5-year coverage. This coverage allows you to purchase the Tube Burners for 50% of their cost after the initial 10-year warranty expires.

The stainless steel Sear Plates and are warrantied for 5 years. Plus the option to purchase an additional 5-year coverage. This coverage allows you to purchase the Sear Plates for 50% of their cost after the initial 5-year warranty expires.

The stainless steel Infrared Rotisserie has a 5-year warranty.

The Ceramic Infrared Bottom/Side Burner has a 2-year warranty,

The ceramic infrared rotisserie burner has a 3-year warranty.

~ It seems to us that Napoleon has one of the best warranties out there?

What Comes In Your Napoleon Grill Box

The New Napoleon Prestige PRO 665 Gas Grill Comes Completely Assembled … For a no-headache convenience. All you need to do is attach the two side shelves to the already assembled grill.  Please note that not all Napoleon models come assembled.

You will get a grill with stainless steel body, a double-lined stainless steel lid. Also 2 stainless steel side shelves, a ceramic infrared side burner, and an integrated ice bucket with cutting board.

In addition, a full-width drip pan which comes with five large disposable drip trays.

You also have three 9.5-millimeter thick stainless steel cooking grids, and a newly reinforced, full-length warming rack.

Plus a commercial quality upgraded rotisserie kit with motor, a spit, counterbalance, four rotisserie forks. Enclosed are also an owner’s manual and a special Napoleon All-Season Recipe Book.

What You Need to Know

Yes, outdoor grilling can be real fun for you, your family and invited guests. However, you must have the right grill to accomplish that fun. We think that before considering a grill purchase, you may want to consider these important questions below first:

Why do I want a grill? How many times a day or week do I need to grill? How many people would I be normally cooking for? What types of food would I be cooking on the grill? How long do I expect to keep my grill?

Am I a beginner, intermediate, or an advanced griller? Will I be taking care of and regularly clean my grill? What kind of budget, if any, do I have to purchase the grill I need to have? Have I discussed my plans to buy a grill with my spouse? You gentlemen, please pay close attention to this last question!

Okay, Now What?

Once you answer the above questions, you have basically managed to find out what grill is right for you. It doesn’t have to be the worst or the cheapest. Nor does it have to be the best or the most expensive. There is a grill somewhere in that range which is just right for you.

If you grill only a couple of times a week, then a reliable basic grill, like the Char-Broil will do just fine for you. Consumer Reports also gives this Char-Broil a high rating.

You may be someone who grills a lot and entertains many guests. In that case, you may need something more elaborate like the Weber or Napoleon Prestige Pro 665 featured here. That is if it is within your budget.

Are you a business person or individual who does a lot of entertaining? If you also consider money not an object of concern but want the very best, we have another suggestion. You may want to take a closer look at the ultra-luxury Fire Magic Echelon Diamond grill.

We think you will find all the features you need and can think of for your entertainment grilling pleasure with the Fire Magic Echelon Diamond grill… In fact, they all come as standard!

Bottom Line

Ray says: “While we were doing the Weber review, I was seriously thinking of upgrading my old basic Char-Broil Grill. I wanted to upgrade to a Weber Summit S-670 Grill. However, after our research for this review, I had to choose this Napoleon Prestige Pro 665 Grill. Fortunately, you won’t be bored with my reasons for this change of heart… This review tells it all!”

How about you? Are you ready to upgrade to a better grill, or deciding on your first grill? We have provided you with all the facts and the information on the Napoleon Prestige Pro 665 grill. We have also shared with you about the construction, operational features and their benefits, and warranty information.

There will also be no surprises when your purchased Napoleon Prestige Pro 665 is delivered. Because you now know exactly what is contained in your large grill box delivered to your door.

Make A Decision!

In closing, it is time for you to consider everything carefully and decide on your next outdoor grill. You may want to read our other grill reviews to feel more assured in making the right decision. It is our strong belief to always take your time… Consider all your provided options carefully… Then, and only then, go ahead and make a purchase.

We have done our part in this process to help you know the differences in the grills we have reviewed. It is now your turn to decide which grill may best suit your wants and needs. Will it be the Napoleon Prestige Pro 665? One of the smaller Napoleon grills? Or maybe one of the other brands we have reviewed?

We hope that we have given you what you needed to make an informed choice. Go ahead and have some major down time with family and friends. Make it  exciting and fun with the grill that best fits your lifestyle and needs.

All the best from the team here at Top Gifts By Season…






































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