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Baby Leprechaun Costume

St Patrick Costume Ideas For That Fun Party

We have some cute St Patrick costume ideas to share with you if you are planning to attend or have a party. On this page we have costume ideas for men, women, children and even your dog. These would also make good parade costumes. We hope you have some fun as you browse through our Irish collection – the Irish really do know how to have fun.

Irish Costumes For Men

St Patrick Costume IdeasIf you want to have some fun, dressing up in one of these Irish costumes for men  will get your fun started before you ever get to the party.

As you know, the Irish love their beer which brings us to this Fun World Men’s Cheers N Beers St Patricks Costume unique costume. The costume oozes with Irish cheer and comes in one size to fit a 6-foot, 200-pound man. the costume includes: a green pullover shirt that has “Cheers” printed on it, a pair of shorts, suspenders with loops and two shot glasses, a beverage belt with 6 holders for small size beer cans or sampler. Please note that the Hat, Beer Cans, Beer Jars, and the shoes are not included in this costume.

One size only: chest: 33-34 inches, Waist:25-38 inches, Neck: 17 inches, Inseam: 31-32 inches, Height: 5 ½ – 6 foot, Weight: 140-200 pounds. We have placed some hats in the related item section below on this article for you to choose with this costume. As for shoes, any old tennis/sport shoes will do just fine. We think that this costume will definitely be a hit at the party.


According to Wikipedia… A leprechaun is a type of fairy in Irish folklore. Although usually depicted as a little bearded man, wearing a green coat  leprechaun costume menand hat it appears that at different times and areas of Ireland this mischievous creature is sometimes wearing red and is a bit chubby. Each region seems to have it’s own folklore surrounding this mythical creature.

That means that however you choose to dress up as a version of the leprechaun, you can put your imagination to work. The leprechauns are supposedly solitary creatures who spend their time making and mending shoes and have a hidden pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. If captured by a human, the leprechaun has the magical power to grant three wishes in exchange for their freedom. Now that sounds to us like the makings of a good party. Here is a very cute leprechaun costume for men to get your creativity started. For an authentic Irish party, we suggest the Leprechaun Fancy Dress Costume to allow you to show off your magic! This comes in one size and the shoes are not included. The pants have a loose fit that make it ideal for free-spirited dancing to enjoy yourself.  We think that adding a beard, pipe, maybe a pot of gold from the novelty section would be a perfect touch to add to your theme.


st patrick day costumes menPerhaps you would rather dress up in somewhat more modern clothing that says you are planning a wild Irish style night. This suit fits the bill with the dark green shamrocks plastered all over a lighter green. This is a real suit with lining and tie included…. just a bit (big grin) louder than you would find for everyday wear.  Some costumes are made to wear only a few times but if you so choose this one can be worn year after year as it should hold up well. In addition it is machine washable and dryable. We suggest a green fedora hat to top it off.

Remember that whatever you choose to wear that the Irish have a great sense of humor so if you want to be Irish for a day or an evening be sure to remember to simply have fun.


IMPORTANT: Please note that costumes are not the same as clothing sizes and vary by design. Therefore, you should always check each product page for specific costume size. For your general reference only, you can also look at this size chart before making your costume purchase.

St Patricks Day Clothing For Women

There is a good selection of St Patricks Day Clothing For Women available as well. We found some really exciting costumes for the ladies in our search. We have some picked out and featured some of them here that you might enjoy. Whether you want to go dressed as a leprechaun or a bar maiden or even Lady Luck, you will find something interesting here.

The Irish are fiercely loyal people and devoted to their families and their ideals. With their outspokenness You will not have to wonder long just where you stand with them.

st patricks day clothing for women The Irish ladies do sometimes have a temper and can be quick and sharp with the tongue. It has been said that Irish diplomacy is the ability to tell a man to go to hell so that he looks forward to making the trip. But if you keep on their good side you will never have a more loyal and fun companion.

This attractive Women’s Lucky Charm Adult Costume is promised to turn heads at your Saint Patrick’s Day party. This green and white hand wash 100% polyester outfit comes with: a Dress, Jacket, Bow Tie, Hat, thigh high Socks, and a Mustache Stick. Shoes are not included, but you can wear any formal or casual shoes with this costume. We recommend high heels in a matching or complementing color – to accent your beautiful Irish appearance in the crowd.

We really like this Dreamgirl Spank Me I’M Irish Costume! Yes, we know that it sounds very naughty, but that’s what the makers of the costume St Patrick Day clothes womenare calling it! This is a very popular costume online and we think that you will be happy to own and wear one to your own exclusive or invited saint Paddy’s Day festivities.

It is made out of 100% polyester and is to be dry cleaned only. The Spank Me costume comes with: a stretch knit corset brocade Dress with attached Belt and adjustable front lace panel, a satin Skirt & attached Apron with Shamrock details, a Hat, a Pot of Gold, and a Riding Crop.

We were wondering what the riding crop was for. Do you know?

sexy st patrick day clothing women We think that this Lady Luck Costume should actually be called Lady Luck cheers N Beers costume… to match the Men’s Cheers N Beers St Patricks Costume in the men’s section above. They would make an ideal couple costume set for you and your significant other for any Irish gathering. Just be reminded that we are not responsible for any drinking that might be going on… Really!

This green costume has a stretch knit style brocade, a satin skirt, a front lace up and attached apron. It also has a matching mini top hat on a headband, hair ribbons, and a leg garter. The costume does not light up but the shiny fabric reflects the lights in the room… Nice!

The costume is 100% polyester and is recommended, by the maker, to be dry cleaned only. And, by the way, The white stockings seen in the image are not included in the costume. If you like, you can order the white stockings here.


St Patrick Day Children’s Clothes

Many parents like to dress their kids in St Patrick Day Children’s Clothes, such as this Complete Mr. Leprechaun Small Costume. It comesSt Patrick Day Children Clothes in 3 children sizes: Small, Medium and Large… which would fit most children ages 4-6.

This green costume, made from a sturdy and stain-resistant fabric, includes: a top hat, a bow tie, a shirt, a pair of pants and a vest in a golden clover pattern. In fact, this costume is ideal for a play time outfit or for those special school dress ups to make your child happy and proud.

Children are the rainbow of life… Grandchildren are the pot of gold.

 leprechaun costumes kidsLeprechaun costumes for kids make very appealing Saint Patrick’s Day outfits. This Little Leprechaun Medium Costume is for most kids ages 3-10. it comes in 3 different sizes: Small (for ages 3-4), Medium (for ages 5-7) and Large (for ages 8-10)… all in Irish green color.

Included with the costume are: a Jacket with an attached Bow Tie, a Hat, Shirt Front & Vest Front, Pants with attached Belt & socks, and Shoe Buckles.

You will be proud to show off your little one in this good looking Irish costume.

Note: the Beard, Pipe, and Shoes (as shown in the image) are not included. You can, however, get the Beard here… and get the Pipe here.


This Big Boys’ Leprechaun Costume is designed for boys up to X large. It is a little different from the ones featured aboveboys leprechaun costume and yet it still maintains its authentic Irish charm. It is not as flashy and one may just forget that it is only a young lad wearing this handsome outfit. After all, even young ones deserve a bit of variety. Right?

The costume comes with a Jacket, a Vest, a pair of Pants, and a Hat. It does not include the shoes or stockings, as shown in the picture above.

IMPORTANT: Please note that costumes are not the same as clothing sizes and vary by design. Therefore, you should always check each product page for specific costume size. For your general reference only, you can also look at this size chart before your costume purchase.


 leprechaun costume girlsFor a young girl’s Saint Patrick’s Day occasion, the Big Girls’ Lucky Leprechaun Costume Small is ideal for young girls 4-6 years of ages. It is made of polyester and comes in a green color. This elegant costume comes with: a Dress, Hat, Pot of Gold, Bow Tie, and belt.

Shoes and the stockings are not included in the costume. You can wear any matching color (or your preferred color) shoes and stockings to go with and enhance the look of your Lucky Leprechaun costume. You will look like a splendid lass and demand lots of pieces of gold to add to your Pot O’ Gold!


girl leprechaun costumes For young girls ages 7-10 years of age, this Medium Girls Leprechaun Costume is quite fitting and represents an authentic touch of the Irish. It is a fancy green and white dress which includes a Shamrock hat and a decorative apron. Your little girl will thank and appreciate you for getting her this costume for the party. She knows that you always want her to look her very best and make you proud of her. Children are such jewels of joy! Aren’t they?

IMPORTANT: Please note that costumes are not the same as clothing sizes and vary by design. Therefore, you should always check each product page for specific costume size. For your general reference only, you can also look at this size chart before making your costume purchase.

Baby Leprechaun Costumes

 baby leprechaun costume

What is more adorable than a little baby or toddler than one who is dressed up in a cute outfit. This Baby’s Lil’ Leprechaun Costume for babies and toddlers is actually a one piece jumpsuit. This seems to be sized a bit large and the larger size would fit most two year olds. The only negative thing I would say about this is the buttons which should be either removed or else fastened a little more securely as you really do not want your baby pulling them off and putting them in his mouth. Take care of the buttons and you have a costume that is adorable.

This green, gold & white costume comes in 4 sizes: Extra small (0-6 months), Small (6-12 months), Medium (12-18 months), Large (18-24 months.) It is a machine washable 100% polyester jumpsuit. The jumpsuit comes with an attached vest, dickie, tuxedo jacket with tails, top hat, and slip-on booties. There are also leg snaps on the jumpsuit to make it easier to change the baby’s diaper.


This darling Baby’s Lil Leprechaun Belly-Babies finally shows off that not all leprechauns are slender. They come in  leprechaun costume baby all sizes and shapes and this little charmer is sure to cast a spell on you. You can get this green costume in 3 sizes… Medium (18-24 months), Large (2T-4T), and Extra large (4T-6T.)

The Belly-Babies costume is 100% polyester and hand washable. It has a one-button through pocket and two-button cuffs. We think your baby will look real good in it!



St Patrick Dog Clothes

St Patrick Day clothing for DogsFor many people their pets are family too. So while everyone else is joining in on the fun why not include your dog. This furry green headband will look awfully cute on your good natured dog.

The Little Bopper Shamrock Antennae are on springs which allow them to move around as your dog moves. It is all held in place by a soft neck strap which should not bother a pet that is used to a collar. It comes in medium and large sizes.

If you would like to have a more complete costume for your pet, we would like to suggest this little Irish Leprechaun PetLeprechaun outfit for dogs Costume for your beloved small to medium dog. It will make any dog look cute and, yes, Irish… especially with that green hat and red beard.

It comes in 4 different sizes: Small, Medium, Large, and Extra large. The costume has a green vest that is very easy for pets to wear. It also comes with: a hat, an attached red beard and bow tie.

Now for the ladies, we have found an Irish Girl Pet Costume, which will make any dog – even if it is a male dog – St Patrick Dog Clothes look like a beautiful Irish lass. Just look at that image!

The medium size costume comes in a green dog dress with an emerald skirt and a cute green hat. It will be suitable for dogs up to a 17-inch chest and a 15-inch neck to tail. It is suggested for these dogs… Pug, Maltese, Jack Russell Terrier, French Bulldog, Boston Terrier… and smaller size dogs. What a great photo to take of your dog with this Irish outfit!


We hope that you have enjoyed looking through our suggestions of St Patrick costume ideas and found some that you can use.

Be sure to subscribe to our newest posts for you never know just what we might come up with next. It might be the very thing you need to make your life easier… or a little more fun! Have a Happy St Patrick’s Day!



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    • Rob
    • March 11, 2016

    Hi Glenda,

    I’m amused to see all these St. Patrick’s Day costumes. I have lived in Ireland for a long time, and I still haven’t seen many of them yet! Yes, we have lots of green and hints of shamrock, but that elusive pot ‘o gold and those pesky leprechauns are nowhere to be found!

    Perhaps, we will see a few more this year, as it is the state’s 100 year in existence! Happy up-and-coming St Paddy’s Day to you both.


      • Glenda
      • March 12, 2016

      Hi Rob,

      I’ll bet you really were amused to see that. There are lots of tales about the leprechauns and their pot of gold. It might be a good thing that you haven’t seen them. There are also lots of stereotypes about the Irish and most other cultures that are usually only half truths. They do make good stories though. My Dad was part Irish and he really did have the gift of gab along with a great sense of humor. I would love to see the emerald Isle someday but it is not likely that I will get to do so.

      I hope that you enjoyed your visit with us and come back soon. Thanks for commenting and Happy St Patrick’s Day to you too.

      Warm regards

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