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stanley 1000 amp peak jump starter compressor

Stanley 1000 Amp Peak Jump Starter Compressor

stanley 1000 amp peak jump starter compressorThe Stanley 1000 Amp peak jump starter compressor that we are featuring in this article is the model that we think would benefit the most people. This one has plenty of power and has a built in 120 PSI air compressor and two USB ports for charging mobile devices. The model number is the J5Co9. It has a starting power of 500 amps and a peak power of 1000 amps which is enough power for most needs.

During the summer most people don’t think much about needing a jump starter as that need seems to arise more often in cold weather. However, summertime is when many people do the most traveling for vacations and such. The more you are on the road the more we think you need to be prepared for a dead battery or a flat tire. This jump starter compressor has features that can assist you with those problems so you can quickly get back on the road.

The Stanley 500-Amp Battery Jump Starter which some people refer to is the same model as the Stanley J5C09 1000 Peak Amp Jump Starter with compressor. Sorry if that confuses you but it is referring to the fact that it starts with 500 amps but the peak power is 1000 amps.

Stanley Jump Starters

There are several Stanley jump start models to choose from and they all have many favorable reviews. You can click through this link to view them to see if you might preview a different model but we think that this larger unit may save you a lot of headaches. There are a couple larger more expensive units that might be best for some people but this one as we said would provide the best benefit for most people.

We  have decided to include here how Amazon has described this jump starter because we could not have said it better. Here is what Amazon says:

“The Stanley 500-Amp Battery Jump Starter with Compressor offers a convenient, portable way to jumpstart your battery without the need of another vehicle. Simply attach the clamps and if connected improperly the alarm will sound, alerting you to switch the clamps before turning on the unit. With enough power to jump-start your car, truck, motorcycle, boat, RV or tractor, the Stanley 500-Amp Battery Jump Starter with Compressor is ideal for everyday use or roadside emergencies.”


Demonstration Video of the Stanley J5C09 1000 Peak Amp Jump Starter with Built in Compressor in Action


Some Q&A Regarding the Stanley 1000 Amp Peak Jump Starter Compressor

Is this unit powerful enough to start a V8 engine?

  • Yes it is as it has 500 Amp instant starting power with a peak of 1000 amps. It can be used to start a car, boat, truck, RV or a tractor.

How strong is the built in compressor?

  • The compressor is rated at 120 PSI and will work to inflate your tires, an air mattress or sports equipment in just a few minutes.

 Will this provide some portable power for my mobile devices?

  • The unit provides two USB ports which can be used to charge or power a laptop or similar devices, so yes it can. It also includes a 12 volt DC outlet.

Is there a light included on the unit?

  • Yes, there is a high powered LED light attached that will rotate 270 degrees.

What kind of safety features are included?

  • In addition to having a reverse polarity light and an alarm beep for safety we find that it is constructed sturdily with a top-mounted rubber molded handle for easy grip.
  • It also includes heavy duty metal clamps and Number 6 AWG cables. It has an on off switch that you do not turn on until after you have placed the clamps on the battery posts. If they are not placed correctly then the unit will beep to alert you before you turn it on.

How do you know if the jump starter has sufficient charging power?

  • There is a battery power level button that you can push and the power/charge light indicators will light up to indicate how much power there is. Check this before you connect it up to a power source to charge.

How long should I charge it after I take it out of the box?

  • This unit is delivered in a partially charged state. The directions state to fully charge the unit with a household extension cord (not supplied) for a full 24 hours before using for the first time.
  • You cannot overcharge the unit using the AC charging method. However, if you use the DC charging method you should not leave it hooked up for more than six hours.Some people have found that it only took a few hours to have all the lights come on which is indication of a full charge. However, we would recommend that you follow the instructions in the manual. Following the instructions in the manual will ensure longer life of the unit.

What is the reverse polarity light for?

  • This light comes on and it will beep to warn you if you do not have the clamps on right. It is a nice safety feature.
  • It is very important to have the clamps attached properly as you can damage the alternator if you attempt to jump it with a battery connected backwards.
  • Be sure that you match the wire colors. Red goes to red and black goes to black. Be sure to read the manual and instructions for using before your first use.
  • It is also wise to look at your car manual to determine whether your vehicle is negative grounded system or a positive grounded system. In most cases it will be negative grounded but check first to be sure.

How many hours of use does an average charge provide?

  • There is about 19 amp hours of battery capacity. If something is pulling 1 amp then it is 19 hours. If a device is pulling 5 amps then it would be a little less than 4 hours.

How long does the jump starter’s charge last when stored in the car’s trunk?  

  • It is recommended to  recharge the unit after each use to prolong battery life. If the unit is not used, the manufacturer recommends recharging at least every 120 days (or four months).
  • Many customers have found that it still did a great job even after 5 months of sitting in the vehicle. It will not maintain a full charge that long but may still be usable.
  • However, it is not recommended to leave it that long as that may shorten the battery life.

Can you pre-set the tire pressure on the unit when inflating the tires?

  • No, you have to manually put in as much tire pressure as the tire requires.
  • It is best that you have a good quality tire pressure gage to check for the right amount of air pressure being put into your tires.

Will this unit charge a battery if you leave it hooked up and plugged in?

  • No, this is not a charger unit. It is only for jump starting.

Can you use it to charge a cell phone or use it to run portable DVD players?

  • The 1000 peak jump starter has 2 USB ports and can be used to power your digital devices.

Does it have an additional ac outlet for adding a lamp?

  • This model is a jump starter using a 12V battery with an air compressor and a few other features.
  • If you want to run something that requires AC power, then you would need to purchase and hook up a separate power inverter to convert 12V DC power to 120V AC,
  • The Power Station which costs a bit more does have two AC outlets which can be used for powering a lamp.

Can it power a C-Pap machine?

  • Yes it can. If you use the jump starter or the power station to power something like a c-pap machine (which can run on DC power) while out camping , you would have to remember that you would also need someway to recharge the jump starter the next day so you would not run it low on power.
  • One customer reported that he had two of the jump starters that he purchased just for the purpose of having several nights of power for his c-pap while camping.
  • These units are great for inflating air mattresses, balls, and bicycle tires as well.

How can I get it to stop beeping?

  • If you have hooked the clamps up to the battery posts in your vehicle, then they are probably reversed. Turn the power switch off. Unhook them and make sure that you have red hooked to red and black hooked to black.
  • In addition, if you are trying to use power from it and there is not enough charge left then that can cause a beeping. Simply recharge your jump starter and make sure that you are following all the safety rules. Again, check your manual.

Is there a more powerful power station that I can purchase?  

  • Yes, there is also a 1400 peak amp power station that will do a lot more than start your battery or inflate your tires. This does cost a bit more than the other but it also has some additional features. It just depends on what your individual needs may be. You can find that one here.

What if I do a lot of traveling and camping?

  • If you do a lot of traveling or camping, you may need something with an AC outlet to power lights, power your mobile devices or some other miscellaneous devices. The power station contains two AC outlets which the one we are featuring does not have. There is a power station with the same power as the one we feature but a brand new model is just now available with 700 amps starting and 1400 amps peak. Here is the link to that unit again.

Do we suggest that you should have the Stanley Jump Starter Compressor

Yes, we really do because we believe that traveling with a car jump starter, such as the one featured on this page, has tremendous benefits. The Stanley jump starters with compressors are solidly built and are powerful enough to get you out of a jam. You never know when traveling in your car, you may have a flat, a battery failure, or wind up stranded and need a portable power supply. Ways in which this can benefit you are:

  • You do not need another vehicle around to jump start your car.
  • You do not need anyone to help you and can fix the problem without waiting.
  • You have portable power for your devices.
  • You save time and money.
  • You can get out of a dangerous area much quicker.
  • You can travel with much greater peace of mind.

Bottom Line

Stanley J5C09 Peak Amp Jump Starter with built in compressorLadies, we are speaking to you now… We are also thinking about your safety and not being stranded along the side of the road. Have you ever had a flat tire when you were out and about? Even if you have someone who can come to help you… You do not know who else may come along first. It is a good idea to be able to fix something quickly and be able to move on.

I had a flat tire on the way home from work one night and had to pull off onto a dark side street and wait for help to arrive. I had run over something and my tire went down very quickly. I had no idea what kind of neighborhood I was in and had nothing with me but my cell phone, on which I called my son to come and help me. I had no choice but to sit in a dark car on a dark street and wait for him to come to my aid.

My tire needed to be plugged and when my son came, he was able to fix the tire with a plug and then re-inflate it. He had the right equipment with him but it had not occurred to me that I, too, needed to carry these same simple tools with me just in case of such emergencies.

Those plug kits can be purchased on Amazon for less than $10.00. That and a good jump starter with a built in compressor would have left me much less vulnerable and would have enabled me to at least get to a safe place. You may or may not be willing to learn how to use those plug kits but it would be good to at least carry a kit with you for someone else to be able to help you. Everyone should have the peace of mind that comes from being properly prepared.

Just as tire flats do occur, car lights can also be accidentally left on and batteries will be drained and not start your car. Would you want to sit and wait for help, hoping that you could find someone who could quickly come to your aid or would you rather be prepared with the tools and knowledge to get it fixed and be on your way? Think about these points and please stay safe on the road.

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