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Top Gifts For Seniors

Top Gifts For Seniors

The top gifts for seniors in our lives are often those things that make their lives a little easier. Unless you are older yourself, it is very hard to understand just what would be the best gifts for seniors.  The reason is that there could be a host of things, such as loss of hearing, memory, strength, balance, and so many other impairments that make life more difficult. Gifts that may have been appropriate in years gone by may be useless to them now.

As a result, when Christmas, birthdays and other gift giving times come around, it can sometimes be difficult to find something that they can really use and enjoy. Usually, it is a good idea if you can find something that solves a problem for them. So when Grandma or Grandpa has a birthday or some other gift giving occasion, try to look at the areas of their lives where they have a real need. We have listed below a few of those problem solvers. We call them useful gadgets for seniors.

Useful Gadgets Make Great Gift Ideas For Seniors

There are a number of useful gadgets for seniors and the disabled if you just know where to look for them. From our experiences as  home caregivers, we, the Top Gifts team found out a long time ago that such items are not normally found in the neighborhood stores.” So when you are looking for a great useful gift for seniors consider looking online where a number of useful gadgets can be more easily found.

We have found a few here that we would like to share with you. Along with the items found we also share what we learned about them so that you can find it easier to determine if they would be right for you or if it would make a good gift for the senior citizen in your life.

Dayclox Digital Calendar Day Clock – An Excellent Gift For The Senior With Memory Loss

Dayclox calendar day clock - dementia clockThere are some digital day date clocks on the market that can be used for either home, office,or classrooms. They are beneficial for people of all ages, but  a “day clock dementia clock” is especially useful for stroke patients, Alzheimer’s patients and the elderly. This type of clock, that is becoming very popular for elderly care and in home care, is the Dayclox Digital Calendar Day Clock. It has recently been updated by adding morning, afternoon, evening,  night, or before dawn to the appropriate times. This is especially helpful for anyone who needs a little extra help orienting themselves to the proper time of day.

Can you imagine what it would be like to not know the day, the month or even the year? Most of us have glanced over at the calendar to just check the date. When you are working there are plenty of reminders of the day and usually you just check to see the date. As seniors grow older and have no reason to be looking at the calendar every day – like when they were working – many of them become a bit confused and it is embarrassing to them. A regular calendar does not assure them that they are on the right day. Many of their days are just the same with little variety.

One day my Mom took her morning medicines  in the evening because she woke up from a nap and thought that 6 in the evening was 6 in the morning. Having a clock with the day, date and AM and PM could have prevented her confusion.

What we are featuring here is a large-screen digital day clock with calendar that is ideal for those who may suffer from memory loss due to a variety of reasons. Having the day, month and year where they can see it on the clock, helps to keep them oriented. It would have helped my Mom if she would have had one. One thing that is a problem for Alzheimer’s patients is that they have difficulty processing abbreviations to know the meaning of the words. This clock has the day and month spelled out fully to be less confusing for them.

The clock has a kickstand for use on a table or can be mounted on a wall instead. Should you temporarily lose power there is no need to reset the clock as it has a battery backup.

We recommend that you watch the video below which shows the peace of mind that this clock can bring. Peace of mind is one of the best gifts senior citizens could have.

We believe that this wonderful timepiece is something that you would love to give as gifts for elderly seniors in your life. Those who have purchased this digital day date clock have been very happy. These seniors and elderly individuals, some as young as 97 years, each comment how this product has impacted their lives for the better, whether at home or in an assisted living, and has made life so much easier for them. We learned that many of these clocks were purchased to be given to a beloved senior or an elderly person as a gift by a caring family member.

We also learned that many of the ones who initially purchased, or were given one as a gift, ended up  getting another one or more not too long after they got their first one. The reason? Well, they were so satisfied with all the benefits of the clock that they just had to have more than one. As one elderly customer joyously stated: “I was given the gift of independence!”

This desk or wall clock uses an A/C adapter which is included – so you can use it right away. Another great feature of the Dayclox is that it provides settings in 8 different languages, as well as 12 hour or 24 hour display settings.

The dimensions are: 8.5” wide x 6.75” high x 1” deep measures  and its high resolution non-abbreviated Day, Month, and Year feature in bold letters allow it to be visible from across the room for the visually challenged person. This is an ideal gift for Grandma, Grandpa, an elderly loved one, or a friend. You also have the added peace of mind of a One Year Warranty on this Dayclox Digital Calendar Day Clock

Ivation Big Time Digital Led Clocks- Useful Gifts For Senior Citizens

oversized Digital wall ClockIf you are looking for gifts for visually impaired seniors then you may find the oversized digital wall and desk clocks very useful as they are much easier to see than the regular sized displays. Now depending upon the degree of their impairment, you might actually want to consider a talking clock for them.  However the large display on these clocks are excellent for those who can still see across the room. This is  the Ivation Big Time Digital Led Clock an oversized digital wall or desk clock that comes in different LED colors.

This brand also has a calendar clock that is available in three different sizes. Unlike the Dayclox, the month and day are abbreviated. This particular clock shown does not have the date but instead has an oversized easy to see LED time. This clock is very easy to read in a bright sunny room, just as it is in a dark room at night. The clock has 3 different adjustable brightness levels for your personal comfort and you can order from your choice of three different LED colors. You can clearly see the AM or PM status with a light underneath each status.

There is  a flip-out kickstand built into the back of the clock, for use on a stand. If you prefer an oversized digital wall clock, for better viewing, you can place the clock on the wall – it has wall-mount holes for easy hanging. You also have the option to choose either the 12 hour or the 24 hour time displays. This Ivation clock is powered by an AC adapter, which is included with the clock. Please take note… no battery backup on this model.

Click n Dig Key Finder – Gifts For Seniors who are forgetful

Click n Dig Key Finder - Gifts For Seniors who are forgetfulWhen looking for gift ideas for seniors, don’t overlook the items that seem to be just gadgets. Sometimes a useful gadget may be just what they need. This gadget to find lost keys and other items makes a great gift for those who are becoming forgetful.

The Click’n Dig key finder  or item locator is something just about anyone could use but it is especially useful for seniors. There are several styles and brands to choose from behind this link.

Some of these location finders can even be attached to your pet’s collar should you have a puppy or kitten that likes to hide. However, a bluetooth device would be better for that if the pet is allowed outside as the beep on this kind may not be loud enough to hear if your pet has left your yard.

Everyone has lost their keys from time to time and having an audible device with a flashing light attached to them can be very helpful, and save you or your loved one from a lot of frustration.

Losing your keys, wallet, cell phone, TV remotes and other small items is very common for anyone. It is even more frustrating for a senior to lose needed items when their mobility and eyesight may not be as great. However having something like this which will quickly end their frustration and can make them feel much more in control is very nice. The transmitter can be attached to a lanyard and hung from the neck if desired. If you or your loved one is often losing things an item finder can definitely make life more peaceful and enjoyable.

This particular set contains 3 key ring shaped receivers and 3 flat receivers. It has an audible continuing beeping sound as long as you hold down the corresponding button on the transmitter. Don’t expect it to continue beeping by just pressing it and letting it go. It also has a flashing light. You can get these sets with two, four, or six locators. By the way, there is also a very helpful video, showing the features and the operational benefits of this handy item locator gadget, that you can watch once you click on the image above and go to the Amazon site. Can you imagine the joyful smile on Grandma or Grandpa’s face at seeing how you have helped them to help themselves?

Hearing Aid Compatible Cordless Phones- Great Gifts For Seniors Who Are Hard Of Hearing

Hearing Aid Compatible Cordless Phones- Great Gifts For Seniors Who Are Hard Of HearingThe Panasonic KX-TG6592T DECT 6.0 Amplified Sound Cordless Phone with Answering System, is a good gift for seniors who are hard of hearing or who have hearing aids. The tone of the phone can be adjusted for bass tones, mid range tones and also for treble tones. The volume can be adjusted as well.

This is a phone that I wish a friend of mine would have had. She has passed on now but the phone she had did not work with her hearing aids. She had a sister who was also hard of hearing and they really struggled to hear each other over the phone. They lived quite a few miles from each other and could only visit occasionally. Having a phone where she could hear her loved ones better would have been an excellent gift for her.

Hearing aid users have reported that they can hear clearly with this phone. It also works well with the T coil in certain types of hearing aids. You can change the volume on this phone and it also changes the volume on the speakerphone.

The keys are illuminated and oversized in order to make it easier for the elderly to see and handle. A lot of thought went into the making of this phone which several elderly individuals have found much easier for them to use. This is a great phone for the hard of hearing – how about giving it to your loved one or a friend as a gift?

Top Gifts For Seniors

We are sure that these top gift ideas for seniors will help you to think of many more things when you are looking for just the right thing that Grandma or Grandpa could actually use and enjoy. All too often when shopping for a gift for someone who is no longer very active, you find all sorts of things that maybe they used to enjoy but you can’t think of anything that would be good now. When their life becomes limited, find a problem solver. Life is precious and meant to be enjoyed. Sometimes just a little gadget of some sort can make our lives much easier. These are just a few of the many different items that seniors have found to be a huge help in their everyday lives. We are all getting older and never know when we might need some sort of gadget to help us live our lives a little safer, a little less frustrating, but still with a lot of joy.

What kind of gifts have you found that are also problem solvers? Please share in the comments.

Glenda and the Top Gifts team

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