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what is a robotic vacuum?

What Is a Robotic Vacuum – Gifts That Save Time

What is a robotic vacuum? A robotic vacuum is  an automatic vacuum cleaner that you can set to vacuum your home for you. It is a huge time saver and is ideal for those who have a need to vacuum frequently.

A robotic vacuum  is not like the image on the left, although many of us would love to have a robot walking around doing our work for us. Rather, a robotic vacuum is a much smaller device and is actually quite popular.

Since a robotic vacuum has less power it will not replace your regular big vacuum cleaner. Instead, they are  designed  to help you maintain your home in between the big cleaning jobs.  As a result, your big cleaning jobs will not need to be done as often. That is why they make excellent gifts that save time.

There are combination devices that will vacuum and mop for you as well. These  time saver devises are also designed to help you maintain the cleanliness of your home. For example, if you have a pet in the home then you are bound to also have pet hair. You just cleaned your home really good the day before but you see a little loose pet hair lying around. Do you get out your big cleaner? Not if you have a robot vacuum! You simply set it to work while you do other things. Most robot vacuums will do spot cleaning as well as have cycles to cover the whole floor.

Having something to help you  maintain your home so you spend less time cleaning is priceless for busy people. Sometimes you may even catch your pet trying to “help” you.

Is A Robot Vacuum Cleaner A Good Gift Item?

Yes, it actually is a great gift idea. It would not be appropriate for Valentine’s Day or for an anniversary. You would want something a little more personal for that. But for Christmas, birthdays, or “just because,” it makes a thoughtful choice for a gift. What woman or man is there who would not want something that will make their life a little bit easier.

We will look at a few of these time saving robotic vacuums in this article. We will also help you determine if one of them would be right for a gift or for yourself. The best robot vacuums are not cheap as they come with some high tech features. You still may be able to select one in your price range though as the price range varies from $100+ to over $1,000+. The  main reason for the higher priced models lies in the higher technology that is in them. Some of them utilize things like wifi to be able to program with your cell phone when away from home. Some of them have remote controls and some only use simple buttons on the machine to start the different cycles. Higher power and higher technology means higher prices. 

We will start with some of the lower priced robots on the market. Remember that these will not have as much suction power or as many features as the higher priced ones. They may, however, be all you need for your own purpose. 

The ILIFE A4 Robot Vacuum Cleaner 

This little ILIFE A4 robot vacuum was sale priced under $200.00 at ILIFE 4A robot vacuum cleanerthe time of this writing but check here for current price. The ILife A4 is designed for thin or low pile carpets, tile hardwood or laminate flooring. A long lasting battery enables this little vacuum to run for 2 to 2 1/2 hours on one charge. It automatically docks and recharges, has a convenient programmable function, a spot cleaning function, or can easily be operated by remote control. 

One of the benefits of this model is a low profile body which enables it to get under more cabinets and furniture. Tangle free sensors is another benefit which is great for avoiding tangles with rug fringes. It has rotating blade brushes which cleans carpets and floors pretty efficiently. Additionally, it  has side brushes to get dust out of corners. Over all it is a pretty decent little machine for the price. Amazon customers seemed to think so too as a good many here gave it 5 star ratings.

RolliBot Automatic Vacuum Robot Sweeper

The RolliBot automatic vacuum sweeper has double side brushes and a UV sterilizing lamp. Rollibot automatic vacuum sweeperIt also has a mopping attachment that you can use to damp mop the floor if you wish. Since it does not have a beater brush, it works better on hard floors or thin carpets. It works very well on Berber carpets though. The RolliBot will go over the edges from hard flooring to carpet pretty good as long as it is not very high. A hepa air filter helps to provide clean air emissions. There is a remote control and a one-year warranty for this machine. One reviewer noted that she liked it much better than the more expensive iRobot Roomba which her Mother had.

bObsweep PetHair Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and Mop

For Just a little bit more money, The bObsweep Pet Hair robotic Vacuum Cleaner and Mop can help you as it is especially designed for cleaning upBobsweep PetHair Robotic Vacuum -view of brush pet hair and paw prints. This double image reveals the squeegee and brush system that works underneath. This Robotic Vacuum comes in either Rouge (as shown) or Champagne

“Bob” (as this robot is called) seems to work well for those with hard flooring or low pile carpet. If the transition between carpet and hard flooring is very great, it can have some difficulty getting over the edges. One reviewer found that placing a small thin rug over the transition solved the problem.

Since Bob has sensors to prevent him from falling down steps, dark rugs or spots can be a problem. We learned in our research that some of the higher end robots seem to have this problem too. His sensors think that he is about to go over an edge so Bob will avoid them. The company provides stickers to place over the sensors but if you have stairs that will leave him vulnerable. Simply place something in the way.

He will sweep, vacuum, mop and UV sterilize the floor all at the same time. There is a 1-liter dustbin which is very helpful and a three-layer HEPA filtration. One really good thing about the Bobsweep is that all the parts are replaceable and can be ordered from the company. Everyone who has dealt with the company has reported excellent customer service. There is enough good about this robotic vacuum that you might want to take a closer look. People tend to either love him or hate him but we found that quite a few more simply loved him. You can read some of those comments here.

The IRobot Roomba

The iRobot Roomba has been around for quite a while and has several different styles. They range in price from around $300 to over $800. We will look at three of these

IRobot 650 – Simple and Affordable

If you are looking for a best seller with many satisfied customers then The IRobot 650  is a good choice. It is in the $300 price range. IRobot Roomba 650 880 and 980You will not find any of the fancy features here that are in the higher priced machines.  Simply push some buttons and it’s cleaning system picks up dust, pet hair and things like cereal bits easily. It works on all floor types. A low height of 3-1/2 inches tall enables it to get under most overhangs and furniture. If you want ease of use without having to do a lot of programming this may be for you.

The IRobot Roomba 880 – A winner with Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports testing currently has the IRobot Roomba 880  ranked up at the top. It beat out the 980 which is the newest and includes wifi capability. Some people believe that it is the best iRobot Roomba model.  It does not have the wifi and uses a remote control instead. It is also a little less expensive.

The IRobot Roomba 980 –  High Technology model

The newest model, the IRobot Roomba 980, has wifi and all the latest technology. You can program it to operate from your smartphone. It is fairly easy to schedule cleaning and set custom cleaning preferences. It currently is in the $800 range.

The IRobot Roomba models up until this one all used a random pattern of covering your floor. They would move in a straight line until it encountered an object and then would turn and go in a different direction.  Using this random pattern the robot would sometimes go over the same area multiple times before it covered the entire floor. This newest model uses higher technology that enables it to plan out the room at the start and moves in a specific pattern rather than just bumping off objects.. When it encounters an area that contains more dirt it will go slower, back up and go over it again until the dirt sensors tell it to move on.

The Neato Botvac

Another option is the Neato Botvac which you  might consider for a nice gift.Neato Botvac D80 Robot Vacuum for Pets and allergies Whereas the iRobot Roomba uses a sweeping action to get into corners, the Neato Botvac is D-Shaped and better able to reach areas simply by it’s shape. The Neato robots carefully plan out the room and goes over each area in a methodical way rather than just bumping around.  This enables the Neato to finish the job quicker than the older models which use the random pattern.

The model pictured here is the Neato Botvac D80 Robot Vacuum for Pets and allergies.  The price for this model  is in the $400 to $500 range. Check the link to see if it is still on sale. It combines potent suction and precision brushes to leave floors immaculately clean. Includes both combo brush, spiral blade brush, and side brush.

Higher end robotic vacuums have tons of features that can cost you a pretty penny. The Neato has a WiFi enabled model that costs a little more than this one. Are the extra features worth the high price? For some people it would be but for most it would not. What most people want is a simple machine that will make their lives a bit easier. In the case of robotic vacuums, that means helping to maintain a clean home in between the bigger cleanings with a regular vacuum.

Higher End Robot Vacuums

Dyson 360 Eye Robot

Up above we mainly focused on the more affordable vacuums. We want you to see that there are affordable options available. The Dyson 360 Eye robot is brand new in the US and rather expensive. It has far better suction than the other robot cleaners but it does seem to have a few issues. We think those should be addressed before we would give our recommendation on it. Higher technology is there but with some issues that might not make them worth the cost for some people.

The Dyson has to have light in order for it to work. It can have some navigational issues and gets “stuck” easily. Put it in a dark room and it is lost. As you might expect, the Dyson has great suction power which makes it perform more like your regular vacuum cleaner. Samsung and Dyson both contain higher suction with cyclonic action. That  makes both of them stand higher on the floor and they cannot get under as many objects such as cabinets. If you can get past their navigational issues and their higher cost they may be for you.

Samsung SR2AJ9040U Powerbot Wi-Fi  

Samsung has several models out there and some of them are even more expensive than the Dyson. One model alone had an average rating of 4 stars or above at the time of this article. That is the Samsung SR2AJ9040U Powerbot Wi-Fi We want to include it here as it seems to be mid-priced and you may want to check it out further. You can also check the current rating and read some of those reviews here. 

Both of these brands clean very nicely but they seem to have some navigational issues. Some of the cheaper robots are better at hard floor cleaning rather than for the carpet. Since the higher-tech models cost quite a bit more. Our question is… with the issues that they have, are they worth the higher cost?  In some homes, the Samsung and Dyson would have no problems and would be loved for their greater suction power. How about in your home? You decide. We just want you to be aware of the potential problems.

What Is A Robotic Vacuum?

It is something that may make your life a lot easier. If you choose to use a robotic vacuum, you can expect to be able to keep a cleaner home.  You need to keep things out of the way of the automatic cleaner. That might mean that your family develops some habits that you have been trying to get them to do all along. Things like putting their clothes in the hamper instead of the floor. Young children will learn to place their toys in the toy box so the Robot “monster” does not eat them. (she says with a grin) To avoid tangles and stalls, you also want to make sure that electrical cords are neatly placed out of reach of the machine. Yes, your family might develop some good habits after all.

This page is more of an overview of robotic vacuums than a complete review on any of them. We hope we have helped you learn a bit more about what a robotic vacuum is and what to expect if you purchase one. They really can make it easier for you to maintain a clean home. We think robotic vacuums  make great gifts.

By the way, we will soon have more information articles on select products and gift suggestions for your benefit. So, be sure to bookmark the site and come back soon… Didn’t someone say… “Knowledge is power to make good shopping choices?”

Have a great day!





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